Yummii&i Bridal Accessories

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that accessories are an absolute must for any fashionista bride, so it comes as no surprise that I’m adding Yummii&I to my list of favourites. Her delightful hairpieces, veils and hairbands make for the perfect accessory eye candy that would compliment any bridal style. From simple to chic, the dramatic to the more demure and the vintage to the totally romantic, every piece is unique in its own right. So if you’re looking for that special piece to complete your wedding day ensemble, take a look at Yummi&i – there’s something for everyone.

Here’s what Yummii had to say about her “Being in Love” inspirational shoot: “When one is “in Love”; the essence and charm is shared through the twinkle in the eyes, the serenity of a smile and the warmth in one’s demeanour. You can’t hide it – Nor do you want to. I’m a strong believer that you can generate the magical experience of “being in love” and once you tap into its magic, it continues to grow and be nurtured. I believe the experience of “being in love” is limitless. When one is “in love” with life, with oneself, with the sweetness of mother nature.. with living; miracles unfold. In this story, we wanted to capture the the little moments of “Being in Love” with the one you love; the beauty of being in love, the serenity of being in love, the innocence of being in love. This collaboration fulfilled my heart and soul – The team were incredible. I bathed in their wisdom, I was nurtured by their passion and I was “in love” with their being. I was “in Love” working with this team and collaborating with them to share the delightful realm of “Being in Love”.”

Photography: Victor Caringal, Victor Caringal Photography / Model: Naomi Sequeira / Dresses: Lilli Marcs & Marietta Haddad / Headpieces: Yummii & I / Make-Up Artist:  Katie Pham, MakeMeOverKatie / Hair-Stylist: Melissa Cauchi, Melissa Cauchi Hairdressing / Stylist: Linda Nguyen, Styled by Linda / Florist: Helen Chauvv, Sweetbride / Cakes: Thu McKay, Cakes 2 Cupcakes / Venue: Tower Estate, Tower Lodge, Peppers Convent / Videography: Suzanne Kim / Behind-the-Scenes Photography: Thuylinh Nguyen, Beesees.

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