Wet Weather Wedding Advice

Rain rain go away, please come back another day!

As the typhoon continues to ravage on in Hong Kong, I hope everyone is staying dry and safe! The sudden typhoon reminded me how hard it is to predict weather. Having been through the experience of holding our wedding rehearsal in the rain and stressing over our lack of a wet weather plan, I thought it would be worth sharing some tips to ensure that your wedding can go off without a hitch, rain, hail or shine. You really just never know with the weather and whilst they say it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, it’s better to plan and be prepared.

Photo via Lovely Girls Wedding.

Check the forecast

Check the weather forecast 5-7 days before your wedding. Whilst it’s not 100% full proof, it’s the most accurate at that time and if you keep an eye on the forecast, you might be able to avoid any last minute stresses. If you do have to activate any wet weather plan or advise guests of any changes, you will still have ample time then.

Photo by Meg Perotti via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Ceremony Plan B

If you’ve planned an outdoor wedding and it looks like it’s going to rain, don’t fret – there are various options available to you. A good first option is your wedding reception venue. If it looks like you need to activate Plan B, then contact your reception venue and check with them whether it’s possible to hold your ceremony there, be it in a separate room, in the foyer, on the balcony, or on the dance floor. You can still use the decorations you had originally planned for your outdoor ceremony and make any adjustments depending on the alternate location. Just remember to inform all your suppliers and guests as soon as you have decided on this change. Another option is to find cover somewhere near your outdoor location. Many parks have rotundas or picnic areas which can be used temporarily as wet weather shelter.

Photo by Kallima Photography via Style Me Pretty.

Brave the rain

The most obvious way for dealing with rain is to brave the elements and just carry umbrellas. Umbrellas come in all sorts of colours and can be a super cute prop in wedding photos so just have fun with it! Pick up some that match your colour scheme or even carry see-through ones which are gorgeous in photos. Remember to have a supply of umbrellas at the ready, enough for your whole bridal party.

Photo by Under Grace Photo via Style Me Pretty.

Update your outfit

If you know it’s likely to rain on your wedding day, take some stress out of the day by stocking up on some stylish wet weather gear, such as wellington boots (aka gumboots). These days they come in just about any colour and come in all sorts of designs so would make for some super cute photos! You can even have your bridesmaids join you with matched or mismatched boots! It’s a fun look and you won’t have to worry about getting your shoes ruined in bad weather.

Photo by One Love Photography via Girly Wedding.

Have fun with rainy day photography

Some people say rainy weather creates the most beautiful wedding photos and to be honest, some of the most gorgeous photos I’ve seen were taken in the rain. Rainy days can make for some lovely dramatic moody shots! If you’re worried, speak to your photographer beforehand. They may be able to suggest alternative locations for your photo shoot that are better for rainy weather. If you really did have your heart set on a beach shoot, then perhaps get these redone at a later date. There will always be breaks during the rain so it’s still possible to get rain-free shots which can be just as stunning as shooting under the sun. Just don’t forget what the day is about – no matter what the weather is like, it is still your special day. Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits.

Photo via You Are My Happily Ever After.

You can have you wedding planned down to the last detail, but the one thing that will always be out of your control is the weather. I know you were hoping for sunshine and the thought of rain on your wedding day is unbearable, but it really doesn’t have to be! Don’t let it rain on your parade! Just run with it.

Photo by Lucida Photography via Project Wedding.

Stay indoors and stay safe peachies!

  • We had a rainy wedding day and I wish I’d thought ahead and bought some Hunter boots! Love these images you’ve found, Sandra.
    Ronnie xo

    • Simply Peachy

      Thanks Ronnie! I love my wellies. Hehe. Put them to good use during this majorly rainy week this week! Hope you’re feeling better dear. xx

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  • Wendy Higgins

    I actually hope for a clear sky at the time of our wedding next year, but after I have read your blog saying that most of the gorgeous photos were taken in the rain. I think I changed my mind lol. We are actually planning a harbour cruise wedding in Sydney by All Occasion Cruises but we are worried about the unpredictable weather during our wedding month. So we decided to contact Westella Renaissance http://westellarenaissance.com.au/ for a luxurious but affordable wedding venue. It is actually a vintage theme. We also combined the wedding reception and ceremony in just one place to save money. We are still negotiating with the management if it is possible to have the wedding ceremony outdoors and the wedding reception indoor, I hope they agree. Your blog post made me think about preparing wonderful transparent umbrellas just in case the weather will not be good.