Wedding Venues and The Significant Space

I remember how frustrating it was when I was researching for my wedding venue a few years back – I’d find myself faced with a not so useful list of sites that merely listed out a bunch of venues but didn’t provide much of a review of any kind to prove helpful. Since I was planning my wedding from overseas, this made things particularly difficult. So when the uber cool Milton of Milton Gan Photography told me about his new venture, The Significant Space, which aims to help couples find “exceptional spaces in which to wed your significant other”, I was over the moon. Finally, there’s a new tool designed to make finding your wedding venue a whole lot easier! All venues have been carefully chosen and reviewed based on Milton’s visits and broken down into three criteria (size, style and ‘perfect for’) to make it easy for you to decide whether this venue might just be what you’re looking for. 

Want to know more? Well, I’m super excited to have Milton join me today to tell you a bit more about The Significant Space and his tips on choosing your wedding venue.

Tell me a little about The Significant Space.

Sure! The Significant Space is a unique resource dedicated to helping newly engaged couples to find their perfect wedding space. The site features first hand reviews of exceptional wedding spaces in Sydney and NSW and a blog of curated wedding space inspiration from around the world.

How did you come up with the idea of The Significant Space?

Choosing a wedding space is the most daunting decision that a newly engaged couple has to make as it sets the scene for the day and influences many of the subsequent decisions. The problem is that most couples have very limited knowledge of what’s out there and which spaces might best suit them.  We realised that there are no resources dedicated to helping fix this problem, so as wedding photographers with first hand experience of wedding spaces of all shapes and sizes we felt we were in the perfect position to do something about it .The Significant Space is a resource that the wedding industry has always lacked but which we passionately believe it needs.

What do you consider a good wedding space?

We only write reviews of spaces that we deem exceptional, so when deciding whether to review a space we consider criteria such as character, location, ambiance, service, and light. A good wedding space makes guests feel welcome and excited when they arrive and leaves them buzzing and talking about it for a long time after they’ve left.

What kind of wedding space do you find inspiring?

We love wedding spaces that have character and soul. This could mean a converted cathedral that retains the original architecture, a boutique winery in a stunning location, or a cool restaurant with eclectic decor. Many of our featured spaces are unique and stand out from the crowd in their own way and we feel this complements what many couples are trying to achieve with their wedding.

Do you have any favourite wedding spaces to date?

That’s a touch question as The Significant Space is essentially a collection of our favourite spaces! But we recently photographed a wedding at Deux Belettes guesthouse in the Byron Bay hinterland and we absolutely loved it so we’ll be writing a review of it very soon! It’s based on a16th century French chateau and surrounded by beautiful fields and trees. It really transports you to provincial France!

Where do you recommend couples start when choosing their wedding venue?

Many couples start by deciding how many guests they’d like to have and then looking for a venue to accommodate that number. However, we believe that you should find your perfect space first and have that dictate how many guests you can invite. If you fall for a large space then your guest list won’t be compromised, whilst a smaller space means you’re forced to select only your nearest and dearest which will inevitably result in a more intimate occasion.

What is your number one tip for couples when choosing their wedding venue?

Be open minded and visit a variety of venues. Your gut instinct will let you know when you’ve found the right one. Finding your significant space is like finding your significant other; it might or might not be what you’ve always dreamed of but you’ll know when you’ve found it!

What wedding venue trends do you see in the future?

We’re seeing a growing trend towards lifestyle-led weddings where, say, foodie couples are hosting their weddings at their favourite restaurants, cafes, and even farms, while art lovers are utilising galleries and creative spaces and adorning them with dramatic floral installations. This is a great way for couples to encapsulate their interests and share them with their guests.

Relaxed, informal receptions are also becoming more popular so we expect a growth in the number of venues offering feasting tables, food stations and roaming gourmet platters.

At the moment, most of your reviews are of spaces based in Sydney and the main NSW wedding provinces of Southern Highlands and the Hunter Valley. Will we be seeing reviews of spaces elsewhere in Australia and overseas?

We have lots of exciting plans lined up including expanding into other states and countries and it’s awesome that we’ve already been contacted by wedding photographers in other states who are keen to write for us! But it’s early days and we want to make sure that we’re adequately representing the significant spaces of NSW and fulfilling our readers needs before moving into other markets. In the meantime our blog will continue to showcase incredible wedding spaces from around the world.

So if you’re still looking for your wedding venue peachies, be sure to head on over to The Significant Space to check it out!

Thanks Milton for joining me today! 

All photos Milton Gan Photography.

  • The question of where and when a wedding will take place are not always as easy to answer as a couple would like them to be.