Wedding Veil Inspirations by Izzie Rae Photography

I have always loved the wedding veil. Whilst it’s only a small part of your outfit, I’ve always thought that it oozes a kind of soft romance that really completes a bride’s look. There are so many veil options for brides, depending on your dress style and length – it can be difficult to pick what suits you best. It’s okay though, because today I have some gorgeous photos and veil inspiration from Izzie Rae Photography to help you out a little. Elizabeth of Izzie Rae Photography put together three looks – the vintage bohemian, the simple modern and the timeless heirloom – that will surely inspire and excite you in your search for the perfect wedding veil. It sure made me want to dig out my wedding veil and put it on again – pity it’s all the way back home in Sydney!

Elizabeth shares, “since the beginning of time, wedding veils and headpieces are something that have played key roles. When searching for your veil or headpiece, you want it to compliment the beauty of dress. Covering or dressing your head can symbolize vulnerability, modern femininity, modest beauty, or create a timeless look. There are so many looks and styles you can create when searching for a veil. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to find the perfect piece that will pair your dress.”

“The vintage bohemian is for all the lovely brides who aren’t afraid to create beautiful things from everyday pieces, have a deep love affair with vintage or vintage-inspired treasures, and want to be anything but traditional. This look was inspired from a beautiful lace garment. It was too beautiful to be worn as an everyday piece (or even for an occasion)… it needed to be special…. set apart… and anything but traditional.”

“This simple modern was inspired from the lovely Anthropologie. Everything in that store is saturated in an aura of loveliness, especially their accessories. From the moment I spotted this jeweled headband I knew it would be a perfect match for something modern but still hold a feminine beauty. Anyone who loves simple beauty as much as I do will love this look.”

“The timeless heirloom holds a special place in my heart. Heirlooms are amazing because they hold a story… a love story. I love that. If you discover their story or see the story come to life by opening your great grandmother’s wedding album then that heirloom is treasured that much more and plays a special role in your wedding day. Not only is it unique, but it’s a part of history that is reborn… There’s something beautiful that unfolds as this one hundred year old, lace crown tells a new love story.”

“And let’s not forget about what’s underneath the dress… the slip. Slips can be just as beautiful as the dress itself. Vintage slips are so beautiful… they hold a feminine and delicate quality that sets them apart from any other… the lace detail on this fifty year old garment is so captivating it will stir up an antique slip, treasure hunt. This underneath garment is a vintage piece from the mid 1900’s that has a beautiful resemblance to the lovely designer Claire Pettibone.”

What kind of veil are you wearing on your wedding day peachies?