Wedding of a Gourmet Forager by Tealily Photography

Have you ever wondered what the wedding of a food blogger would be like? Well, look no further because today I’m oh-my-god-excited to share with you the wedding of a Gourmet Forager as seen through the beautiful lens of Tealily Photography. The wedding of Trina (aka the Gourmet Forager) and Dan was a pure gastronomic delight which left no guest’s stomach remotely empty, and if anything, just left them hungry for more. In a span of three months (yes, three!), Trina and Dan managed to plan a delicious wedding which was filled to the brim with DIY details and was also the perfect combination of ‘relaxed’ and ‘elegant’. The words ‘wow’, ‘yum’ and ‘respect’ spring to mind.

This amazing celebration of food and love will literally have you drooling over your keyboard and running to the nearest fresh foods store. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

To incorporate a bit of the Bride’s Chinese traditions into the day, Trina and Dan asked their friends and family to participate in a red string ceremony. Trina recalls “we had a reading of a Yuan dynasty Chinese love poem in Cantonese and English, and to personalise the ceremony and involve our guests, we included something we called the red string ceremony. According to traditional Chinese folklore, the old man in the moon is a matchmaker god who joins soulmates by tying them together using a piece of red string around their ankles. The magical string will ensure true soulmates will eventually find each other no matter how far they are from each other and how tangled the string gets. Hence, singles will often pray to the old man in the moon to help them find their soulmate. As I grew up with this story, we incorporated this into our ceremony and provided ample red string for our guests to symbolically share their love around. We were later told that some of our guests were still wearing their red strings for weeks – even months after our wedding!”

When you put a food blogger bride and an Italian groom together, good food comes to mind and Trina and Dan’s celebration was anything but short of this. “Good” would actually be an understatement given the food fair the guests were in stall for! Warning: the next set of photos are best not viewed on an empty stomach. *Grabs a cookie*

(1) Canapes Part I. Trina recalls “Having studied the canapes in great detail for the months leading up to the wedding, deliberating over this canape or that, ensuring the perfect mix of flavours whilst catering for our guests’ needs – I was absolutely determined to taste these canapes for myself. I had no intention of starving myself on my wedding day – particularly as I was cinched and trussed into my dress like a small ham – so I had the ultimate opportunity to feast indiscriminately. Yet, knowing that despite my best intentions, I was likely to be very busy and pre-occupied with guests so I’d pre-organised for the bridal party to have a selection of the canapes set aside so we could at least sample the menu.”

Look at those canapes! Do you blame her? I’d want to make sure I had plates (yes plural) of these in my bridal room!

(2) Charcuterie station, pizza station and wine bar. *drool* Trina describes “we had an Italian food fair theme for our wedding and once the light canapes were complete, we moved out guests through to another area for the “reception” piazza where we had stage two set up and of course, yet more food in store. Whilst our guests were indulging in champagne and canapes on the lawn, an elaborate and impressive charcuterie station was set up; Rosso Pomodoro’s pizza station was fired up with fresh pizzas made and ready to serve to hungry guests; and we had a wine bar set up as well. These stations all came accompanied with tasting notes and pairing suggestions to really maximise our guests’ enjoyment.”

Did I not say OMG, wow, yum, drool?!

Trina and Dan wanted their wedding to be a relaxing affair so plenty of DIY decorating was undertaken for the day and what resulted was perfect floral arrangements, fun pinwheels, gorgeous crepe paper flowers and pretty fans. Trina explains “many of our family and friends have already added little tykes to their family units, and we wanted everyone to enjoy our wedding and thus deliberately designed our wedding to be very child-friendly with picnic blankets, colouring in activities, games and bubbles aplenty. The pin wheels, crepe paper flowers and fans played a dual role of venue decoration and child-entertainment devices and were a great hit. Their enjoyment was palpable and the sounds of their joy, squeals of delight and laughter filled the air and became part of our festival background track.”

(3) Cheese tasting. Trina recalls “our cheese wedding cake was an impressive stack of soft and hard cheeses, all accompanied by a cheese tasting menu of course. But clearly cheese wedding cakes are not the norm for weddings, and thus not recognised as genuine wedding cakes as immediately after assembling the cheese tower, it was immediately evident to our waitstaff that they’d have to stand vigil next to the cheeses and fend off hungry cheese fiends ready to disassemble our “wedding cake” before we got a chance to cut it! Clearly our pinwheel cake topper wasn’t a clear enough sign!”

Are you hungry yet peachies because I think I need to eat… like. right. now.

(4) Canapes Part II. Trina remembers “there were chicken burgers and pork belly rolls, kimchi braised beef cheeks and also sashimi plates as a lighter option. The pork belly sandwiches were just incredible! Cheek stuffingly tasty with a generous helping of crispy and satisfyingly noisy pork crackling. Even though I was full to bursting with my corset was failing me and threatening to explode in all directions, the food was delicious and I continued to devour everything presented to me.”

(5) Risotto station. Trina recalls “I’m sure it wasn’t the wine colouring my memories, but we thought that this was the best risotto we’ve ever had. The rice was perfectly al dente; the asparagus, mushroom and truffle flavours vibrantly pungent and the texture hot, creamy but remarkably light. We were just both so sorry that we couldn’t eat more of it.”

(6) Dessert. To end their delicious day, Trina and Dan served up a profiterole cake (yums) for those guests with a sweet tooth.

Trina says “we were warned many times by friends, family and even our caterers that we were overcatering – but we persisted with our planned menu. We weren’t prepared to compromise on quality or quantity as it was our wedding after all so we wanted to use the unique (we hope) opportunity to design the ultimate spread – and to fit all the desired elements in, what ensued was a mammoth feast timed to military precision.”

And a mammoth feast indeed! I am so hungry right now, it’s not even funny. You definitely can’t say you’ve had good food at a wedding until you’ve been to a food blogger’s wedding!

Congratulations Trina and Dan! I couldn’t be happier for the both of you and thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with Simply Peachy! Xx.

To learn how you can plan a wedding in three months and still live to tell the tale, read Trina’s account here.

Photography: Tealily Photography / Venue: Sydney College of Fine Arts, Rozelle / Wedding gown: Maggie Sottero via Abbey Bridal / Bridesmaid dresses: ASOS / Hair and make up: Natalie of True Love Bridal / Suits: Hugo Boss / Flower girl dresses: ASOS / Florist: Bride’s friend / Catering of canapes, charcuterie & risotto: ARIA / Pizza: Rosso Pomodoro / Cheese: Kirkfood / Profiteroles: Mezzapica

  • OHMYHAT!! SANDRA!! I love this post! The crazy thing is that I was actually looking into ARIA catering last night!!! Fell in love with their charcuterie stand… I know they also do paella! THIS IS IT!! 😀 😀 😀 Thanks for sharing!

    Trish+Joel’s photographs are fantastic as usual. YUMMMMMM!!!

    • Simply Peachy

      I know! Isn’t it amazing! I was thinking about you when I was writing this post Linda! So glad you enjoyed it. :) ARIA does great catering – organised the canapes, charcuterie and risotto station for Trina and Dan. OMG Paella station would be a-mazing! YUMS.

  • Connie

    OMG Cheese cake!! Best idea ever.

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  • Ashley

    This is my ideal wedding, the risotto station is so elegant!!!!!
    I’m in Melbourne organising my schools graduation, do you know of anywhere in Melbourne that offers the same food stations?

    Looks like it was an amazing wedding, great photos too!

    • Simply Peachy

      Hi Ashley! It is isn’t? Let me have a look into anything similar in Melbourne and I’ll pop you an email shortly. :)

  • Oh my god, the food looks amazing! What a gorgeous Wedding

    • Simply Peachy

      It does doesn’t it Clair? Absolutely mouth-watering!