Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Guestbooks, a standard at weddings are a great keepsake for you and your partner to look back on for many years to come. Having said that, a wedding guestbook shouldn’t be just a list of signatures of those in attendance. Notes from your lovely guests can be written on more than simple pages in a notebook. I love the idea of forgoing the traditional book format guestbook and instead, provide your family and friends with fun and unexpected ways to leave their special messages. There are many simple ways to make your wedding guestbook unique and fun for your guests and here are some of my favourite ideas.

Typewritten Notes

Set up a typewriting table, prop a gorgeous vintage or modern typewriter on it and let your guests type out messages on preselected cards or letter paper. These can then be stored in which ever way you choose. You will definitely have no problem reading your guests handwriting with this idea!

From top to bottom: Photo by Katie Day via Ruffled / Love and Lavender

Little Envelopes

I don’t know about you but I love tiny note cards and envelopes. I am forever buying new tiny finds to add to my collection. I love the idea of transforming a simple album into a guest book by simply affixing tiny envelopes in any size, shape or colour to the pages. Just provide cards and pens for guests and have them tuck their cards in the available envelopes and voila!

From left to right: Martha Stewart / Girly Wedding / In the Now / Photo by Krista Jones Photography via Bay Side Bride

Postcards and Note Cards

Have guests fill out postcards and have someone mail them to you throughout your first year of marriage. How sweet is that? Alternatively, set up a table with a range of craft supplies like pretty cards, coloured pencils, stickers, stamps and have guests write you a note and invite them to get creative with a bit of decoration and design on their cards. Finished cards can then be placed in a clear glass bowl, birdcage or via a library catalogue (my personal fave) for display and later collated together in a scrapbook for your keepsake.

From left to right: Photo by Oh, Darling! via Snippet and Ink / Smartie / Photo by Louisa Bailey via Green Wedding Shoes / Martha Stewart

Thumbprint Posters

Get your guests to stamp a colourful thumbprint on custom designed posters like the ones below. So pretty! You can then frame it and hang it up in your new home. Love. Just make sure you provide wet cloths nearby for guests to wipe their hands after making their mark.

From left to right: All via EtsySilhouette Weddings / Pinecone and Peridot / Blue de Toi


Do you and your partner love playing board games? Why not have guests write you a special note on wooden Jenga blocks as an alternative to the traditional guest book? You and your partner can play the game for many years to come and be reminded of your wedding day each time.

By The Papery Nook via Etsy

Puzzle Jar

Are you a couple that spends hours putting puzzles together or have a painting that is particularly meaningful to you both? Take your favourite puzzle or customise a puzzle and have it displayed at your entry table. Each guest can then take a piece of the puzzle and write a special message on the back and place it in a jar. You and your partner will have a blast reading the beautiful notes and putting the puzzle back together!

By Memory Lane via Etsy

  • Hilary Ho

    You have the best tips and ideas! I am saving the typewriter and notecard idea for my wedding for sure :)

    • Simply Peachy

      Thanks Hilary! I love the typewwriter notecard idea too! Check out Etsy for typewriters. :)

  • Bim

    Love xx

  • Jenga Lover

    Love the tiny envelopes! šŸ˜€ I used to stick them in my homework books for my teachers.

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    Hey! LOVE your idea with the filing card guest book! Did you do it yourself? Or did you find that idea and buy it from somewhere? Would you mind emailing me what you wrote for each letter of the alphabet? A is for advice… B is for bets… C is for compliments…


    • Simply Peachy

      Thanks Ktalana! I’ll shoot you an email. :)

  • PGDerf

    I also love the alphabet idea! And I am so curious as to what each letter is, would you mind sharing?

  • Sarah

    I’ve been digging tirelessly through the interwebs to find some info on that card catalog; advice, bets, compliments, directions… what comes after directions!? I love this idea.
    Could you please shed some light on this? Send and email or direct me to a post somewhere?
    Thanks so much!

  • Molly

    Simply Peach- Can you send me an email that shows each letter for the card catalog as well. It is such a cute idea, but I cannot make out any letter after the C!


  • Lindsay

    I love the a-z guestbook idea! Can you send me what you used for each letter, it is absolutely ADORABLE! <3

  • Eli

    Hi! I would really like to do the alphabet idea for the cards! Could you please email me or post here what you used for each of the letters?
    This is lovely!

    Thanks a lot!

  • Eli

    Forgot to mention… The puzzle idea is adorable as well!

  • Meg

    I absolutely LOVE the catalog box. Would you mind emailing the rest of the alphabet to me. I can’t get past D is for Directions….Thank you!

  • Meg

    I ABOSULTELY LOVE the catalog idea! Would you mind emailing me what each letter stands for?

    Thank you!!

    • Simply Peachy

      Hi Meg. Unfortunately, we didn’t come up with this catalogue idea. It was featured in a wedding on Green Wedding Shoes so perhaps Jen from GWS can help you find out. Thanks for popping by though! xx

  • Aish

    Hey! LOVE your catalogue idea!!!!!!! Would you mind emailing me what you wrote for each letter of the alphabet? A is for adviceā€¦ B is for betsā€¦ C is for complimentsā€¦ D is for directions… thn i dunno wat it is.. helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    • Simply Peachy

      Hi Aish. Thanks for popping by and for your comment. Unfortunately, we didn’t create this catalogue. I’d recommend contacting Jen from Green Wedding Shoes who might be able to find out for you from the couple in her original feature.

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