Wedding Gifts | One Way to Ask for Money

It’s a well-known fact that the financial pressures of getting married and setting up a home can be quite overwhelming. That’s why many young couples are asking their guests for a contribution in the form of cash towards the cost of a honeymoon or buying their first home together. Whilst receiving cash gifts are becoming the norm, you do still have those guests that prefer the traditional gift giving of items like china, silver, and crystal so it’s nice to be clear to your guests if you prefer cash.

My husband and I did just that. Whilst I love love love kitchenware so you would think a gift registry would be perfect, but having spent so much on the wedding, we were more than happy to forgo the traditional form of gift giving to opt for a cash registry. Nowadays it’s considered quite acceptable to ask for money but wording the request in a polite and unoffensive manner can be a toughie. We also wanted to do it in a fun and playful way that reflected our personalities. So we worked with our lovely Stationer, Seesawsed in coming up with the below gift registry envelope inclusion for our wedding invitations.

We combined the concept of the traditional bridal registry with the increasingly popular online honeymoon registry to come up with our personal registry asking for cash gifts to be put towards our chosen funds – ‘Honeymoon Fund’, ‘Buiding Bricks Fund’, ‘Let’s Have a Baby Fund’ and ‘Snowboarding Fund’.

We loved all the comments we received about our registry from friends and family. The most popular fund was surprise surprise the ‘Let’s Have a Baby Fund!’. People sure are generous when they see the word ‘baby’! We even had guests who amended the word “baby” to “babies” or friends who decided they wanted to created their own fund like a “Take XYZ out for a dinner fund”. It was definitely a hoot opening these gifts! We’ve even kept them so we can look back on them and have another laugh remembering all the wonderful people who came to celebrate with us on the day.

Just remember peachies, it’s the thought that counts so no matter how big or small a present is, your thank yous shouldn’t change.