Wedding Cake DIY | A Three Generation DIY Wedding Cake

When I’m not blogging or trawling the online world for inspirations, you’ll likely find me in my quaint little kitchen baking up a storm and decorating sweet treats of some sort. I love baking and decorating cakes. If it weren’t for the fact that I didn’t have all make baking and decorating supplies with me back home in Sydney, I may have tried my hand in making our own wedding cake. So when Hima of Wedding Cake DIY introduced me to her DIY instruction packs for brides who want to make their own wedding cake without any of the crazy stress, I jumped at the opportunity to share this with you all. Wedding Cake DIY makes it super easy for you to create a tiered wedding cake and comes complete with a recipe for each tier, decoration and construction steps, a shopping list, a timeline of how long each step takes and easy cake storage and transportation advice. Does it still sound almost impossible to you? Well I’m going to let Hima share with you how her sister-in-law made her very own special wedding cake – a three generation wedding cake!

I love the idea of making your very own wedding cake. So I was super excited to hear that my sister-in-law was going to make a very special DIY wedding cake! Elise dreamed up a lovely idea to make a three generation cake – one tier per generation. She invited her mum and grandma to bake the top two tiers and took on the bottom tier herself.

This post is the story of how Elise and Michael’s three generation wedding cake was made and how it inspired Wedding Cake DIY.

Step 1 – Fruitcakes by mum and grandma

Elise’s mum and grandma were very excited (and a little nervous) about being a part of the fun. Once it was decided that their tiers would be fruitcakes, they both set out to test multiple versions of their fruitcakes. First, Elise’s mum tried a delicious chocolate infused fruitcake. Unsure of how the chocolate version would keep, she settled on a more traditional recipe with a touch of parisian browning essence to heighten the flavours.

Step 2 – A challenging bottom tier for the bride

While the fruitcake bakers had time on their side, the bottom tier was a more challenging task. Elise found it difficult to find the perfect recipe to delight her guests. “[It would have been] really useful having a lot of cake recipe choices tailored to each cake tin size. So if I wanted a red velvet recipe, I’d know what the ingredients [and oven temperatures] would be for my large cake tin.” Elise’s task was made even more challenging by a malfunctioning oven only weeks before the wedding! Between some last minute travel to use her mum’s oven, some adjusted cooking times to suit her tin size and a helping hand from her family, she whipped up a delicious caramel mud cake just two days ahead of the big day.

Step 3 – Decorating a three generation cake

Luckily, Elise had already organised for an experienced cake decorator from her extended family to take care of the rest. This helped take the stress off the bride and meant that transporting the cake was over to someone else!

After two layers of buttercream icing (one thin layer for levelling and another for the rustic appearance), some dowel rods for support and some final touches at the venue – the cake was a memorable addition to Elise and Michael’s wedding day.

Elise and her family loved being a part of her DIY wedding cake. But it would have been much easier and less stressful with tested recipes for each tier, knowing how well the recipes would keep, and knowing when and how much time to set aside. This is why Elise’s experience inspired Wedding Cake DIY – Instruction Packs dedicated to helping brides who want to make their own wedding cake.

A DIY Wedding Cake Instruction Pack gives you a recipe for each tier – customised for your choice of tier size, shape and flavour. You get a timeline of exactly when and how much time to set aside (never more than 4 days in total). And all your DIY cake design choices are beautiful yet simple to decorate (and easy for someone else to transport without any additional stresses at the venue).

While this means that not every store bought cake can be DIY, a DIY wedding cake like Elise’s will be a very special addition to your wedding that you’ll remember forever.


Thank you Hima for sharing Elise’s story with me! I love how meaningful and personal her wedding cake experience was! Doesn’t get more special than that.

So peachies, are you up for the challenge of making your own wedding cake? Remember to send me a photo!

  • Do you give out any recipes for those “naked” layered cakes?