Wedding Inspirations | Balloon Release

I was so inspired by the beautiful balloon release of well wishes at the wedding I attended in Bali over the weekend, it got me day dreaming about balloons. Guests were asked to write down their well wishes for the couple, which were then tied to helium balloons and released into the late night skies with LED lights. The idea of sending all that love up into the unknown skies is so beautiful. There’s also just something so beautifully liberating about releasing balloons into the sky – don’t you think? Seeing all those lights flying up up and away into the Bali sky was an amazing sight and but for my iPhone camera skills not doing that moment justice, I would totally share them with you. Check out these pretty photos though!

Top to bottom: Jonathan Ong via Once Wed / Youkeun Oh Photography via Style Me Pretty / Jenny Sun Photography

Are you thinking of incorporating balloons in your wedding?

Please note that there has been concern about the environmental impact of releasing balloons. If you are considering doing this for your wedding, please do some research and consider the arguments first.