Vintage Gowns from Maggie May Bridal

I have a treat for the vintage loving brides today – Maggie May Bridal! A newcomer onto the wedding gown scene and founded by friends and photographers, Vienna and Rose, Maggie May Bridal is an online boutique store specialising in beautiful one of a kind vintage wedding gowns. Each vintage wedding gown is sourced around the world and is hand selected by Vienna and Rose, making sure each piece is in perfect shape for their brides. You’ll find gowns with the softest laces, gorgeous collars and necklines, dreamy sleeves, ruffled hems and beautiful trains – each uniquely beautiful and special in their own right. If you’re a lover of vintage and want to don a special vintage gown on your wedding day, be sure to take a look at Maggie May’s Love Child collection. The gowns are available to buy from Maggie May’s website website and they ship worldwide for free – yay!

maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-01 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-02 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-03 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-04 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-05 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-06 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-07 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-08 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-09 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-010 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-011 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-012 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-013 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-014 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-015 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-016 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-017 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-018 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-019 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-020 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-021 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-022 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-023 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-025-1 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-025 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-026 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-027 maggie-may-vintage-bridal-gowns-028
Photographer: Maggie May / Flowers: Merrin Grace Floral Design / Makeup Artist: Jessica Kirk / Model: Kirby Delaney.