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Have you ever wondered what your wedding would look like from the eyes of your friends and family? I mean, without all the cinematic and staged stuff that you see with a lot of wedding videos these days – you know, in the good old home video kind of way? Well, you can now with You Film It who arm you with all the latest video cameras, some simple instructions and your friends and family can set off to capture your day from beginning to end and get all the behind the scenes and funny moments on camera! You Film It then edits the video for you and you end up with a super pro and unique wedding video that contains all the best bits. You film it and they edit it. Brilliant isn’t it? I love the idea because your video will be captured by those who know you the best – your family and your besties! If it sounds a little confusing to you, fret not because You Film It is here with us today to explain it all to us. It’s actually pretty simple!

Tell me a bit about You Film It. What is the story behind You Film It?

We founded You Film It two years ago after a group of friends filmed our wedding for us.  Jake with over ten years experience in video and digital production edited a really unique and memorable video.  It meant so much that our friends could be so involved and the footage was absolutely one of a kind as we could relax, be ourselves and enjoy the party. [Jake] We noticed a big gap in the market.  Everyone would love a video memory of their day as it all goes by in just a flash but, traditional videographers are so expensive, can be quite obtrusive and the output is always the same, so You Film It was born.

How does You Film It work?

The You Film It concept is really simple. You rent it, you film it and we edit it. We provide fully insured High Definition broadcast quality video cameras anywhere in Australia, for the bride & grooms close friends and family to shoot their wedding video. Comprehensive training material provides simple instructions on how to shoot the perfect wedding video. We take the footage and edit a “best bits” compilation, full ceremony and speeches chapters, cut to the music of their choice with professional animated intros, transitions, titles and credits on a personalised DVD. All up our customers get a 90-minute video of their entire day, from the moment they wake up to the last dance.

Take a peek at one of our gorgeous you film it couples Jennifer and Steffans recent Sydney wedding, http://youfilmit.com.au/another-happy-you-film-it-customer/

Do you need to be a pro with the camera to video a wedding?

Almost every person we talk to about our service asks this question and the simple answer is no. Filming a wedding video is really simple, as all you need are a few key shots:

  1. The bride and Groom getting ready
  2. The walk down the aisle
  3. The reception
  4. The ceremony
  5. The speeches
  6. The first dance

Each of these only require 10 mins of good filming and you have yourself the key ingredients for an awesome wedding DVD. We provide our customers with shot lists and hints and tips on how to use the cameras.  The cameras are top notch Sony premium consumer video cameras that basically do the work for you. They shoot amazing footage, are really simple to use and incorporate the best image stabilising technology available on the market today, this means that even after a few vinos you can shoot a good shot.

What do you find most challenging when editing other people’s videos?

The most challenging aspect is rooting through the amount of footage we receive and selecting the best bits. For each wedding DVD we watch every second of footage at least 3 times, to make sure we extract what we call ‘the juice’ or the best bits, so we produce the very best memory of the day for our bride and groom.

We have great time doing it too – Shell has to have a box of tissues at hand as she blubs during the ceremony and speeches, but the footage also has us in stiches with the video diaries and dance offs. 

Sometimes it’s a challenge to choose those best bits – too much juice! But by splitting the DVD into chapters, we give the couple the juiciest bits, plus we do offer a raw footage compilation, which gives the bride and groom every last ounce of juice if they fancy.

What do you love about wedding videography?

We love knowing that we are creating a memory that will last a lifetime, that captures all the detail, time, love and effort that the couple have put into their wedding.   We love the idea that when you’re old and grey you can sit down and relive your wedding day over and over – its a million memories wrapped into one very unique DVD.

Do you have any tips for couples who are filming their own wedding?

Be yourself, relax and have fun. All to often we see videographers making cinematic staged videos of the bride and groom as though they are in a scene from Laurence of Arabia, but this is not who they are. Our DVD’s capture the true spirit of the day and show a real reflection of the true intimacy of the wedding.  You are with your best friends, so just be you and we’ll do the rest.

Do you have any favourite wedding ideas?

We love the idea of destination weddings, Shell and I were married on an island in Thailand and invited all the guests over for a holiday and wedding. Everyone had a great holiday and the wedding topped it off. It made the whole wedding feel like one giant honeymoon.

Even if you get married overseas You Film It can come with you, as our packages can be custom tailored.

For favorite wedding video ideas, we really love it when people get creative on camera. One of our You Film It videographers captured an awesome group boogie to ‘Never Forget’ by Take That The couple loved this part of their DVD. We also like it when they do funny stuff, a good video selfie goes a long way and a wedding dance off makes for a hilarious finale to any DVD. Take a look for yourselves here.

What is your ultimate piece of advice for couples?

Find a moment in the day where the two of you can be alone and enjoy some quiet time together. You will really appreciate taking 5 minutes away from all the attention. Oh and also get a wedding video, we suggest You Film It, they are pretty cool cats with an awesome idea.

What’s next for You Film It?

Global Domination and following that we are going to push a new service called Video Well Wishes (stand by for more info) and promote the You Film It concept for all types of events from birthday parties to school trips, to christenings.

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