Typewriter Wedding Ideas

I was soaking up the last of my delicious Sydney coffee runs the other day in Paddington when I came across the cutest postcard featuring a typewriter with the text “You’re just my type” (below) – words perfectly fitting for how I feel about my hubby and how I’m sure you are feeling about your soon-to-be married other half. Having been on the hunt for inspiration from sunny Sydney, I couldn’t help but do so from this cute find and share some typewriter wedding ideas.

I love typewriters, particularly those of the vintage kind. It reminds me of my time spent running around my dad’s office as a little girl and tapping away at one of the secretaries’ typewriters (typing nonsense of course), then getting yelled at for being in the way. Oops. I would love to own one now but I know I wouldn’t put it to use and it’s not like I would swap my MacBook for it. Still, there’s no denying my romance for those machines with the little keys that go tik tikking away with the bell that rings when you get to the end of the line. Thing is, it might be too late for me to find use for one but you could – for your wedding! It’s the perfect excuse to indulge in one.

Typewriters add a great retro touch to your wedding decor and are perfect for vintage, literary or even library themed weddings. Typewriters have been making a major appearance in weddings recently, with many being used as an guest books but there are also many other ways you can incorporate the typewriters into your wedding. Type out your escort cards, or use typewriter font for your invitations and programs, or use typewriter keys as accents on your escort cards, or lay out typewriter keys to spell out your names (the way many couples use scrabble tiles), or just use them for decoration. Every little detail can help in making your wedding unique and I just love seeing people embrace the concept of making your wedding your own.

Left to right: Martha Stewart via Oh So Beautiful Paper / Katie Day via Ruffled Blog / Meg Perotti via Style Me Pretty / Jeremy and Kathleen / One Wed / Wedding Chicks / Oh So Beautiful Paper / Angelica Glass via Elizabeth Anne Designs