Traditional Thailand Wedding by henry f photography

Today’s traditional Thailand wedding leaves me practically speechless. The photography by henry f. photography is beyond beautiful. The details are just stunning and the traditions infused into the wedding together with the love that emanates from each and every image is absolutely amazing. It’s one of those weddings that I can’t say anything special enough to do it justice, so I’ll simply leave you to take it all in.

From the Bride Sompor, “The inspiration behind the wedding was “us.” Meaning we didn’t want it be your tradition, my tradition, your family, my family. We wanted everything to come together. We wanted to respect each other’s tradition, culture, and family value. So we had two weddings ceremonies, two receptions, in two countries within one long weekend, everyone is happy, life is one big party. For the traditional Lanna wedding ceremony, we wanted it to be a traditional, to show respect to my family. Also, we thought it would be a good chance for our Hong Kong friends to experience Lanna culture. For the Thai evening reception, we wanted it to be homey and cozy. Since it was the last event of the long weekend, we wanted it to be like one big family dinner.”

“We loved that everyone at the Lanna ceremony were wearing Lanna style clothes, including our Hong Kong friends. It made us feel everyone is part of the ceremony instead of just witnessing the ceremony. We also love how past photos of us with our friends and family were used to decorate the evening reception. It really gave the venue a cozy feeling, like it was “our” party, not just Sompor and John’s.”

“Our wedding flowers were mostly home grown tropical flowers. We wanted a homey, Chiang Mai atmosphere.”

“Many things from our wedding were DIYs. It was an event where all our friends and family came together to help out. The wedding invitation was designed by our creative friends. The wedding favor was designed and packaged by my best friend. The wedding bands were made by our jeweller friend. The wedding website was made by my little brother. The wedding dress and all the bridesmaid dresses were made by my family.”

At the reception, there were our families, relatives, old friends and new friends. There were people from different countries chatting in different languages. We were really surprised at how many people flew to Chiang Mai to be a part of the wedding and we were over the moon for that.”

“Our advice to couples planning their wedding would be that as much as you want your wedding to be only about the bride and groom, it is also about two families and friends coming together.  The sooner you accept this, the less conflict you will have, and the easier your wedding will be. So don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and families.”

“My most memorable moment was dancing together with our friends on the dance floor at the end of the night. The band was amazing and the moment had a “yeah we did it!” vibe to it.

Photographer: henry f. photography / Ceremony Venue: Lanna Rice Barn / Reception Venue: Rati Lanna Riverside Spa / Shoes: Bridal by Butter / Hair and Makeup: Khun Aunto / Ceremony Event Planner and Stylist: Methiphakdiphum Ltd / Reception Event Planner and Stylist: Sabudbob Studio / Event Coordinator: Khun Opel Chandhrapanya / Favours: Fora Bee Chiang Mai Honey / Traditional Lanna Attire Stylist and Clothes Rental: Khun Lookme Fiona / Band: DelRitmo.

Henry is one of our peachy vendors so hop on over to his page here to see more of his amazing work!

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