Top 10 Creative Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

I am super obsessed with ceremony backdrops at the moment and love it when I come across creative ones. Wedding backdrops are amazing – not only do they look fabulous in photos, they can help set the mood as well as carry your style or theme through the space. Instead of your typical floral arch, writing your names on it or just plain nothing, there are many other creative ways you can do up your ceremony backdrop to add that ‘wow’ factor to your wedding. If you’re stuck for ideas, fret not peachies because I’ve rounded up my top 10 creative wedding ceremony backdrops, all of which will no doubt make a statement and look oh-so pretty on your wedding day.

1. Succulent Backdrop

Photo by The Nichols via Green Wedding Shoes.

I love this ceremony backdrop made from gorgeous succulents. Not only is it utterly unique but it’s just so beautiful! How wonderful would it be to be married in front of this? If you’re not a fan of succulents, any kind of floral backdrop would look beautiful. You can easily swap the succulents for a pretty assortment of your favorite flowers!

2. Lace Backdrop

Photo by Milk Photography via Style Me Pretty.

Who wouldn’t love a bit of lace incorporated into their wedding ceremony? When perfectly draped, it can become the perfect frame for you and your partner to marry under. It’d be so dreamy don’t you think?

3. Paper Rosettes Backdrop

Photo by Our Labor of Love via Green Wedding Shoes.

Colourful paper rosettes make for a gorgeous yet whimsical and playful ceremony backdrop. This could be the perfect DIY project for you!

4.  Draped Backdrop

Photo by Scarlet O’Neill via Uschi and Kay.

Sometimes all you need is to hang some beautifully soft fabrics to form the perfect draped ceremony backdrop. There’s no need to overcomplicate or over think things – sometimes it’s really just that simple.

5. Chalkboard Backdrop

Photo by Jenny Jimenez via Style Me Pretty.

You know how much I love chalkboard wedding ideas so it’s no surprise that I was smitten with the idea of a chalkboard wedding backdrop! It’s different, fun and easily customizable to your liking!

6. Colourful Streamers Backdrop

Photo by Fresh in Love via 100 Layer Cake.

Remember those colorful streamers that used to frequently feature at birthday parties during our younger days? Well, they also work for ceremony backdrops too. Colourful streamers will liven and brighten up any celebration! Who could say no to this vibrant and cost effective decor idea?

7. Ribbon Backdrop

Photo by Stone Crandall Photography via Green Wedding Shoes.

I love any wedding idea that involves ribbons. You can do so much with ribbons – whether it’s matching pretty colors or mixing different widths and textured ribbons, hanging or draping them – it always, without fail looks effortlessly gorgeous. Best thing yet – it’s such an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding, there’s really no reason why we can’t all throw in some pretty ribbon.

8. Yarn Knot Backdrop

Photo by Love By Serena via Green Wedding Shoes

Another wonderfully creative and inexpensive material to use to create your ceremony backdrop, believe it or not, is yarn! I love this fun and playful yarn knot ceremony backdrop. It’s so unique and like ribbons, you can mix and match all sorts of colors and the scattered knots are a great way to add some texture to your background.

9. Bunting and Tassels Backdrop

Photo via Pinterest.

Can’t decide on one particular style of backdrop? You can always mix and match like this couple did with their colorful bunting and tassels backdrop! It’s fun, playful and another easy DIY!

10. Origami Backdrop

Photo by Emily Takes Photos via Delightfully Engaged

You know what they say about the correlation between folding paper cranes and good luck right? So why not gather up some friends and get down to some origami folding prior to the wedding and create a simple hanging paper crane origami backdrop? Not only does it look beautiful blowing in the wind, but they’re absolutely delightful and so symbolic!

So tell me peachies, are you going to get creative with your ceremony backdrops?