The Truth About Stationery Costs by Mr & Mrs

I’m busy boarding down the fluffy snow covered slopes in Hokkaido this week peachies, so I’ll be leaving you in the capable hands of a few industry experts, sharing their insights on all things wedding. First up, is the wonderful Melody of Mr & Mrs – here to shed some light on why wedding stationery costs what they cost.


I’ll be honest, I remember the first quote I got back for my wedding flowers, I thought I’d misread it. It had too many zeros. I had no idea. I simply had no clue about why things were just so damn expensive. Fast forward a few years and I’ve met a lovely friend who happens to be a wedding florist. Now when I think of the price of wedding flowers today, I don’t think ‘expensive’. I think firstly about my friend’s ungodly 5am starts. Then I think about how much lifting and actual physical work she undertakes at those ungodly hours, the sheer stress of making sure nature provides that exact flower she quoted for, and course of her amazing talent in combining and arranging flowers which nature didn’t think to sprout on the one tree itself.

The point is, there are so many things going on behind the scene to get that picture perfect end result. Needless to say, this doesn’t apply to flowers alone, as even the most effortless of designs, styling or photographs have had someone’s true ambition and care placed within.

Now the same I must say, goes for wedding stationery. Let’s be honest, I’m not talking about something your friend laid out in Word, paired with an evening rendezvous-ing with the work printer (I’m not casting any stones here – totally been there), but that’s just like me and my abc of wedding flowers. I came to understand the things beyond the actual price of the flowers – a simple concept you know, but so easy to overlook when that price tag is glaring back at you. So when it comes to wedding stationery, maybe I’ll begin by just clearing any notions of it being about the paper & envelopes alone. There is just so much more.

I’m talking about the kind of stationery where someone devotes personal attention to designing something that is just for you. Not for someone like you, for you. This is what I do. I listen to couples’ ideas, I listen to their carefully crafted plans, I listen to what they are asking for. Think of how many ways you can interpret ‘Classic’, ‘Vintage’ or ‘Classic with a modern twist’. The possibilities are endless. So, before a design hits your inbox, just know that there’s been someone clicking and chipping away until the perfect result of all your discussions has come to life.

Now when it comes to producing the actual invitations, this is the part that gets a bit hairy. The most straightforward option would be to simply print your design. Embossing, metallic foil stamping, laser cutting, die-cutting are a tempting number of ways you can prettify your paper and can totally transform a design! The main thing you might want to know here is what exactly is bumping up the price of your invitations? It went from $5 to $10 per invite and you’re too polite to ask why?

Well, it’s because for every embossed effect, unique impression on paper or metallic foil print you have seen out there, a special piece of goodness called a ‘die’ needs to be produced. The example shown here shows a die set made for a card, ‘the finer details’ that was metallic foil printed. The set consists of two metal parts, male & female (you guessed it, male one pokes out, or has a raised image). The two parts fit together perfectly in a press, to create the effect. That is the very short gist of it, but in creating this die, you can stamp hundreds and hundreds of that particular design once the die itself has been made. The expensive part is actually making this custom die and any others, should you wish to carry the same effect throughout your stationery.

If you haven’t glazed over by now, you deserve some sort of amazing prize. It’s all behind the scenes stuff and I’m afraid writing any more might lead to some awkward editing on Simply Peachy’s part, so I’ll leave it at that, but hope in some way I might have armed you with a bit of insight to take along on your planning journey. Good luck and good day to you peachies!