The Little Blue Book

Last week I met with the lovely Jen of Bells N Whistles and got super excited over the start of their new monthly wedding event, The Little Blue Book. The Little Blue Book is a personalised wedding expo like no other. With only 20 vendors (one vendor from each category i.e. one florist, one celebrant etc.) and 20 couples in attendance, the event is aimed at providing couples with the most personalised and practical advice without all the hard sell and obligations you see at usual wedding expos. Don’t believe me? This is how it works:

Once couples have signed up to the event, a wedding planner from Bells n Whistles will call in advance for a brief chat to get an idea about what you’re looking for and on the night, each of the 20 vendors will have been given some information about your wedding day. This means you can get down to the crux of things straight away with each vendor without having to repeat all the same wedding details over and over again to each vendor. Vendors will talk through ideas with couples and discuss how best to achieve them and provide other hints and tips on how to approach each element of your wedding. You even get a cute little wedding planning notebook with notes jotted down by Bells n Whistles following prior to the event for you to use and make your own notes as you go along. Sounds pretty useful and headache-free if you ask me!

The Little Blue Book event is perfect for those couples who want the advice of a planner without having to actually engage one for their wedding. At only a teeny tiny fraction of the price of an actual wedding planner, you get the preliminary advice and direction you need to kick-start your wedding planning. Trust me, if you get the basics and initial stages right, it makes all the difference.

So, visit Bells n Whistles’ website here to find out more and buy your ticket. The first Little Blue Book event is on 20th August 2012 so sign up soon!