Fruit Wedding Ideas | Raspberry and Peach

28 March 2013
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With the weather getting warmer over the last few weeks, you can tell that Spring is most definitely here. Whilst I hate that it means the icky humidity is catching up with us here in Asia, it also means that the pretty Spring blooms are becoming available and yummy fruits are coming into season so […]

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Milk Bottle Wedding Ideas

23 July 2012
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During my trip to Sydney, I met up with some friends for lunch at Kitchen by Mike and fell in love with its revamped warehouse space. One side was a bustling rustic style cafe with communal style seating and on the other side was a space selling furniture, kitchenware and other tid bits. Photo by […]

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Mason Jar Wedding Ideas

3 July 2012
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Despite being the clumsiest person on earth who is forever breaking things in the kitchen and somehow managed to break all our wine glasses, I am a glass fanatic – mason jars being my recent obsession. I have found myself collecting tonnes of jars of different sizes of late – be it jars from pickles, […]

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Easter Wedding Ideas and Inspirations

6 April 2012
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Happy Easter peachies! To kick start your Easter holidays, I have just the wedding inspiration for you – an Easter themed do! When you say the word ‘Easter’ you don’t naturally think of weddings. Instead the things that come to mind are the abundance of sugar high treats, gorgeous spring blooms and the pretty pastel […]

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