S&NDY’s Favourite Things Sydney Wedding Trailer by Paper Cranes Production

Not long ago I posted our Favourite Things themed wedding in Sydney on the blog. Today I have our beautiful wedding trailer by the ever so talented Paper Cranes Production.

The team at Paper Cranes have this amazing ability to capture all the wonderful moments on your special day and all the little bits of love in between and piece them together to tell your story in a way that just takes your breath away. They’re an absolute delight to work with and are truly passionate in what they do. Love!

We had originally decided that we didn’t want a videographer on our wedding day because – who on earth would sit around watching a video of themselves? As it turns out, me. I love that our video takes me back to our wedding like it was yesterday so we are very thankful and happy that we changed our minds. Thank you Paper Cranes for showing us that we made the right decision. What would we have done without you?

So without further ado, our wedding day story as told by Paper Cranes.