Romantic Seaside Engagement by Hilary Chan Photography

Today’s breathtaking engagement has me wanting to make my own romantic seaside plans with the hubby ASAP. It doesn’t get sweeter than this gorgeous duo with their infectious smiles, the sun, the sand and some super chic but casual attire of beautiful blush tones. And when it’s captured so beautifully by the ever-so-talented Hilary Chan Photography with her signature feminine and romantic style, it was just perfection.

Bride-to-be May shares, “When William and I first met, I was still wounded from my last relationship and I felt I no longer believed in love.  One day, I was overwhelmed with work and really needed a drink so I met up with a friend to the closest bar near my place, only planning to get a quick drink then go home to take a rest. There, my friend bumped into his work friends and wanted me to meet them. I wasn’t interested in making new friends at that time but as my friend insisted, I joined them and this was the first time we officially met. We didn’t talk to each other that night but I began to hang out with William and two other friends quite frequently afterwards. Our other friends had their own significant others so sometimes William and I were left alone. Gradually, we started to go out on our own. Later on, we figured that we wanted to share everything with each other and it wasn’t until he left Hong Kong for a short trip that we both realized how important we were to each other.”

“He popped the question at home at the first day he purchased an engagement ring from Tiffany. He planned to propose to me on my birthday (around 20 days later) but he just could not wait!”

“William and I wanted our engagement photos to be casual, comfortable and “us”. Our photographer, Hilary made the day like a fun outing for us. We picked Golden beach as one of the locations, which was a very memorable place for us as we spent our first getaway trip during the first moon festival we spent together. We love the romantic surroundings and the area!”

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