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I don’t know about you peachies, but I melt at sweet love songs and am a total sucker for an acoustic serenade (particularly when a cute guy is involved). It’s literally a swoon fest in my heart. So today I’m excited to introduce to you Love Note, a talented brother and sister team who specialise in writing the most intimate and romantic, personalised acoustic songs for your wedding or proposal.

Inspired by your story and composed from your own words and feelings, your song will be completely yours and utterly unique to you and your partner for you to hold onto forever. I cannot think of anything more personal and more romantic than having a one of a kind song written for you as a tribute to your relationship, which you can then share with your friends and family on your special day. The idea of it just makes my heart all warm and tingly inside. Love Notes even recommends that you don’t listen to your song until the first time it is played on your wedding day. Can you imagine how amazing that moment of hearing your very own song for the first time together would be?

The talented duo behind Love Notes, Angela and Anthony.

To give you a real taste of the kind of sweetness I’m talking about, Angela of Love Notes has shared with me two of their most recently written songs which just made me stop typing and had nothing but my full and undivided attention.

Megan & Andrew’s Song

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Angela shares… “Megan is a life-long best friend. We first met in 1989 on our first day of ‘big school’. Much to everyone’s delight, Andrew proposed to Megan and they asked me to sing during the ceremony. Knowing them both so well they wanted me to also choose the song. I have such admiration for these guys, so I found it very difficult to find a song that fit how wonderful they both are. In reflecting on what I felt the song should say about these two, I came to realise that I could write them their own lyrics that authentically described their love and relationship perfectly. I recruited my brother to help me write the music and we worked together to write ‘their song’, then we surprised them with it on the day.

I knew their song needed to be simple, understated and honest. The theme of the song was centred on their inherent ability to work on a relationship without it actually looking like work – their ability to accept compromise, and the way they always value, respect and support each other. They just seem to fit so intrinsically. Together, Megan and Andrew take things as they come and can handle anything that’ is thrown at them with good nature and grace. They help to expand each other’s view of the world and always keep their word to each other. “

Louise & David’s Song

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Angela shares…“I really enjoyed writing this song for David and Louise. Reading their interview answers I awwwed and giggled a LOT! Their interviews gave me a great insight into their relationship. What I discovered was a couple who really understand each other, and a good old-fashioned love story! Louise was ‘off the market’ at the time, but they enjoyed conversation with one another so the scene was set for them to become friends. Finally David would find his ‘in’ when Louise let slip about not having a boyfriend. David seized the opportunity he’d been waiting for over two years.

What I loved about this story was David’s steady confidence and patience. He was the one with the eye on the ball the whole time and even from the sidelines. Sensible, patient and clever. He set out to make her his because he just knew! Then when the timing was right he displayed the wisdom and good sense to step away and let her see it for herself. Oh so romantic and gallant…the perfect courtship!”

Angela’s voice is so sweet and angelic – listening to her soothing voice and every single thoughtful word that went into each song, had me close to tears. I cannot think of a more beautiful and special gift to your partner than the gift of song. A Love Note would be the cherry on top of your already perfect wedding day.

If you want to read the lyrics to these beautiful songs and learn more about the process of working with Love Note to create your song, visit their website here.

Thank you Angela for sharing these songs with me. It’s been such a pleasure having you on Simply Peachy today. I cannot wait to hear more of your beautiful creations. I’ll be sure to be in touch for my Love Note to the hubby soon! xx

  • Laura

    Wow! What a fantastic idea! So special! I love it!!!

    • Simply Peachy

      I totally agree Laura. It’s just so special and meaningful!

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  • Brett

    How much for a wedding song


    • Simply Peachy

      Hi Brett. Drop Angela an email on to find out more details about Love Note’s pricing for songs. Thanks for reaching out! xx