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This month’s favourite Etsy picks was a toughie peachies. Not because there wasn’t anything that we didn’t love but because there were so many items that we think would be perfect for your wedding day! So instead of just doing one round up this month, we’re going to share a few more over the next few weeks so get ready peachies because you might just need to loosen those purse strings a tad more this month! Today we’ve picked out some lovely pastel and whimsical finds that range from stylish wooden laser cut name tags to flirty cake toppers to whimsical signs to fun paper cups to pretty keepsakes and gorgeous gifts to your bridesmaids!

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your online shopping addiction (one that we’re all too familiar with), then head over to the Simply Peachy Etsy Page! Our Etsy page is a carefully curated space full of handmade and vintage finds for your wedding day and other celebratory occasions. From invitations to decor to wedding dresses to gifts – we’ve got you sorted!

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Source: (1) Wooden Laser Cut Name Tags / (2) Tassel Cake Topper / (3) Copper Chair Signs / (4) Customised Wedding Signs / (5) Cheers My Dears Paper Cups / (6) The Best Is Yet To Come Print / (7) Initial Necklace / (8) Decorative Vases / (9) Wishes Guestbox.


Ingredients To A Dessert Table Everyone Will Love

The final piece to an unforgettable wedding is not one cake, but an entire dessert table! If you love sweets, you’ll love what we have in store for you! Some genius finally realized that no one should have to choose between a cupcake tower, a naked ombre cake and a side of macarons topped with edible glitter. Why not have it all?

First of all, a dessert table works in one of many ways: constant edible entertainment for you and your guests, an opportunity to decorate some more and a fabulous photo backdrop! Trust us when we say you need a dessert table at your wedding!

How to create a dessert table for your wedding that everyone will love

Photo by Bloc Memoire Photography via The Wedding Scoop.

Assuming you were convinced from the beginning, you’re probably wondering where to get started. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared an simple list of five ingredients to a dessert table you’ll love and be proud of!


When doing anything creative, one can easily get distracted allowing valuable time to fly away. Ask yourself, what is the inspiration for your dessert table? The answer to this question will help you decide on the desserts you order, the decoration and more. Is it your navy blue and sparkling silver invitation? Is it your wedding’s woodland theme? Is it your three-layer pink ombre cake? When planning anything, a focus is necessary and often times the theme is your focus and inspiration for the rest of the event.

How to create a dessert table for your wedding that everyone will love

Photo via Ruffled Blog.

An all white table with powdered donuts and cake pops would be perfect for a winter wonderland wedding!

How to create a dessert table for your wedding that everyone will love

Photo by Jen Huang Photography via Modern Wedding.

If you’re having a spring wedding, citrus with a touch of berry pink may be just what you’re looking for!


The second ingredient is the sweetest and surely your favorite: the dessert! Think about your favorites and consider using your local bakery for an added personal touch. Also note that a dessert table doesn’t have to be made of more than one or two desserts. If you’re a pie person, there’s no reason why you can’t just serve pies of all flavors!

These days you’ve got friends and family with all kinds of requests and dietary restrictions. Avoid having to stress over reserving that single gluten-free cupcake or hiding the handful of candy without nuts from the rest of the guests and order a variety. While, it’s nice to think of others, don’t forget your favorites! It is your wedding after all…

How to create a dessert table for your wedding that everyone will love

Photo by One Eleven Photography via Domaine House.

If you decide to stick to one sweet, do add a little variation in terms of toppings!

How to create a dessert table for your wedding that everyone will love

Photo by Valerie Busque Photography via Style Me Pretty.

Is your wedding smack in the middle of July? Your guests may prefer icy popsicles to melted chocolate…


Since you’ve decided to swap out the traditional cake for an entire dessert table, you already know that a dessert table is more than just something for guests to nibble on. What do you want your wedding to look like? Simple and sophisticated? Luxurious and lavish? Or perhaps you’d prefer something a little more personal with a touch of DIY here and there. Whatever you decide will help you with the styling of your dessert table. Consider whether or not you will have a backdrop, a tablecloth, flowers or DIY garlands hanging from the table corners.

How to create a dessert table for your wedding that everyone will love

Photo by Marilyn Duvall Photography via The Wedding Chicks.

If you’re going for simple and sweet, you may want to tuck a few fresh flowers between the desserts for creative, but still clean look.

How to create a dessert table for your wedding that everyone will love

Photo via Happy Wedd.

If you’re not afraid of a little glitz and glam, you may want to opt for a sequin table cloth like this one here! This will definitely make your table pop!


We’re almost there! You’ve got an array of desserts and an idea of how to style them. Now it’s time for the finishing touches like individual packaging, if needed, and labels! There are so many fun options to consider so we’ll leave you to it!

How to create a dessert table at your wedding guests will love

Photo by Jenny Haas via The Sweetest Occasion.

For certain desserts like glazed donuts and popcorn, you may want to consider individual packing. This will allow for guests to mingle while enjoying the dessert you’ve provided without making a mess!

how to create a dessert table at your wedding that guests will love

Photo by Terri Rippee via Karen Tran Blog.

how to create a dessert table at your wedding that guests will love

Photo by Cluney Photo via Glacier Park Weddings & Events.

Dessert labels are not only useful to guests, but can also add a nice decorative touch to the table. While, printed tent labels are traditional, you can also use one large chalkboard, print mini labels on toothpicks and stick them into the desserts or place the labels in mini frames around the table!

how to create a dessert table at your wedding that guests will love

Photo by Sara Wight Photography via Inspired By This.

For a larger dessert table, you may want to opt for a single sign like this one!


The desserts and decor have been decided on, but where will it all go? There’s nothing worst than an entire macaron tower going to waste! Your dessert table must draw your guests to it. If you’re wedding’s theme is something fairytale like, then what about placing the desserts on an intricate, white, carriage? If you’re going for a woodland theme, what about a rustic wood table topped with wooden planks and cut tree trunk as serving platters? Take into consideration the season, the location, your theme and the amount of desserts you will be providing.

how to create a dessert table at your wedding that guests will love

Photo by Brianna Wilbur Photography via Glamour & Grace.

how to create a dessert table at your wedding that guests will love

Photo by Katie Jackson Photography via The Wedding Chicks.

how to create a dessert table at your wedding that guests will love

Photo by Jasmine Lee Photography via Style Me Pretty.

Planning something as simple as a dessert table can become quite stressful if you let yourself go overboard! Work with your partner to come up with a dessert table that will make the both of you happy. Start with your inspiration and the rest will come naturally.

We can’t wait to see the peachy dessert tables you all come up with! Oh, and don’t forget to do a tasting before your decide on what to order! We trust you’ll have a wonderful time nibbling on sweets all afternoon…


Citrus Inspiration Board

It has been hot hot hot here in Sydney which can only mean that summer is just around the corner – perfect for a wedding of juicy citrus hues, don’t you think? Choose bold, bright and refreshing colours like orange, yellow and grapefruit red but throw in a softer colour like blush pink to soften an otherwise loud palette. Not only does this colour combination naturally bring out the happy in all, I guarantee it will give your wedding day a bit of a cheery pop! It’s fun and energetic – just what any kind of celebration should be like! I’m loving this citrus inspiration board peachies – and it even goes with the new site! What do you think peachies? Don’t forget to also check out these citrus wedding ideas!


Photo by (left to right): Ling Wang Photography via Burnetts Boards / Briana Marie Photography via Style Me Pretty / Daniel Cruz Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs / White Loft Studio via Snippet and Ink / Katelyn James Photography via Decoratingo / Rebecca of Birds of a Feather via Style Me Pretty.

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Favourite Wedding Details On Etsy

We love those tiny details that make a celebration pop and we love Etsy when it comes to all things wedding planning so we’ve combined our two loves today to bring you some of our favourite wedding details that you can easily get your hands on over at Etsy! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of detail to inject a bit of fun into your wedding day so don’t dismiss this so easily! Our personal favourite out of these picks is the push pop confetti by Thimble Press. I’d love one of these babies for a send off or just some fun on the dance floor!

Etsy is jam packed and overflowing with talented makers and artisans, many of whom create personalised handmade gifts and unique decorations to beautify your wedding, not to mention make all the planning ten times easier so don’t forget  to visit the Simply Peachy Etsy Page to see our picks of the best!

wedding details on etsy

Sources: (1) Peach fringe mobile / (2) White pencils with gold foiling / (3) Party fringe metallic tassel noisemakers / (4) Best Day Ever Tattoo / (5) Mini gold mylar balloons / (6) Gold fringe letter / (7) Gold sequin letter / (8) Gold foil napkins / (9) Push pop confetti.

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