Let’s Wrap It Up!

Happy Friday peachies! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have some peachy plans for the weekend! I’ll see you all back here on Monday with some exciting news! Xx


Photo by Jodi Miller Photography via Style Me Pretty.

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Etsy Wedding Faves

My last Etsy round up was so popular that I just had to put together another one full of great wedding finds including some fun signs, pretty favour bgas, pretty bangles for your bridesmaids and some fun and glitzy wedding decor. Isn’t Etsy just awesome for finding all kinds of wedding inspiration peachies?


(1) Wedding Chair Sign (2) Candy Buffet Bags (3) Bridal Veil (4) Double Heart Hanger (5) For Like Ever Wooden Sign (6) The Carry Bangle (7) Flower Crown (8) Rustic Place Holders (9) Glittered Mason Jars.


Elegant Spain Destination Wedding from Albert Pamies Fotografia

I see a lot of weddings here at Simply Peachy, but this wedding touched me in a way that’s hard for me to explain. Simply stated, this wedding in Granada, Spain was pure elegance and perfection. It’s layer upon layer of stunning Spanish style that screams a world of elegance in the prettiest of ways. From the couple’s impeccable style to the bride’s utterly breathtaking gowns and accessories to the glamorous setting to the meaningful DIY touches – I’m totally smitten. Luckily Albert Pamies Fotografia was there to capture it all!

Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-01 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-02

Bride Anastasia shares, “Our wedding was at the Alhambra Place in Spain. To extract the stunning Alhambra Place and the nightlife in Spain, we used a palette of glittery rose gold and black together with small touches of warm grey, mint and blush to balance the mood as our wedding theme.”

Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-03 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-04 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-05

“For our destination wedding, we tried to keep everything as simple and easy as we could with our personal touches. Starting with our invitations, we applied a glittery lining to resemble the feel of the Alhambra starry pattern on the ceiling.”


Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-07 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-08 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-09 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-010 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-011 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-012 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-013

“I went to the bridal salon and picked eight dresses to try on and I didn’t notice it at the beginning, but the sales told me all the dresses I chose were Annasul Y. I LOVED all the details and lace from the brand!”

Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-014 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-015 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-016 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-017 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-018 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-019 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-020 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-021 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-022 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-023 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-024

“I DIY’d all the boutonnières and my bridal bouquet.”

Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-025 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-026 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-027 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-028 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-029 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-030

“Lewis wore a LANVIN two piece tuxedo and Saint Laurent bow tie. In the evening, he just changed the Boutonnière and I added a Vera Wang White horsehair sash to my gown and also wore a dance dress in rose gold.”

Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-031 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-032

“For the table settings, we brought along some used bottles that we sprayed with black paint and simple mint and blush color and paired these with rose gold candles as the centerpiece setting. Lewis and I first met at the movies so we used titles of romantic movies we watched together as the table numbers.”

Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-033 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-034 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-035 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-036 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-037 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-038 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-039 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-040 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-041 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-042 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-043 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-044 Albert-Pamies-Fotografia-AL-045

Photography: Albert Pamies Fotografia / Makeup & Hairpeice: Agnes Siu / Film Maker: Feel And Film / Wedding Planning and Decor: aiRe.


A Winter Engagement Session from Tealily Photography

Today’s sweet winter engagement session makes me want to do nothing but grab a cuppa of hot cocoa and snuggle up to the hubby. It’s a sweet winter wonderland wrapped up in a whole lot of amazing light, captured perfectly by Tealily Photography. Featuring two loved up and adorable cuties and one of the most stunning forest backdrops I’ve ever laid eyes upon, this beautiful session warms my heart completely. There really is nothing more perfect than spending an afternoon basking in the crisp winter sunlight and cuddling up to your love. Wouldn’t you agree peachies?

tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-01 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-02 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-03 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-04 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-05 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-06 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-07 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-08 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-09 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-010 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-011 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-012 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-013 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-014 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-015 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-016 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-017 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-019 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-020
tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-021 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-022 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-023 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-024 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-025 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-026 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-027 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-028 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-029 tealily-photography-winter-engagement-VC-030