Paris Post Wedding Shoot by Tala Nicole Photography

I think after you scroll through today’s feature, you’ll agree that no city is more romantic than Paris. There is something about Paris that is different from any other place, and to see an photo session capturing the love of two people who have a special bond with the city, pulls at my heart strings like you wouldn’t believe. And with Tala Nicole Photography behind the lens capturing every drop of loved up romance, it couldn’t be more beautiful. These photos have me dreaming of a Parisian getaway which goes to show that Paris is always a good idea – even in Winter!

paris-pre-wedding-tala-nicole-simply-peachy-wedding-blog-01 paris-pre-wedding-tala-nicole-simply-peachy-wedding-blog-02
paris-pre-wedding-tala-nicole-simply-peachy-wedding-blog-05paris-pre-wedding-tala-nicole-simply-peachy-wedding-blog-08paris-pre-wedding-tala-nicole-simply-peachy-wedding-blog-06 paris-pre-wedding-tala-nicole-simply-peachy-wedding-blog-07 paris-pre-wedding-tala-nicole-simply-peachy-wedding-blog-09 paris-pre-wedding-tala-nicole-simply-peachy-wedding-blog-010

Bride Leonie shares, “Paris held a special place for my husband Justin and I. In July 2014, he took me to Paris for a weekend to propose. The beautiful gardens in Versaille and the picturesque city of Paris served as a beautiful backdrop to a very special moment in our lives. Naturally, when we decided on a European honeymoon the following January, we made it a point to revisit Paris. Soon, we were engaging Tala to take post-wedding shots of us around Paris. We found her online and loved her portfolio work. We were initially apprehensive because for one, the shoot would be in the dead of winter and two, Paris wouldn’t look quite like we remember when we were there previously.

The morning started out cold, and that progressed into slight drizzles here and there. However, the unsuitable weather turned out to be such a blessing because we managed to get some really beautiful shots. We hurried from place to place, Justin and Tala helping to carry all the bags while I had my hands busy holding up the train of my wedding gown. We started outside the beautiful Notre Dame and followed with a walk along the Seine. Then we got on the Metro and headed to Palais Royale for some quick shots before it started to rain. Then we hopped on the Metro again to get some shots with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Tala was fast and professional, and she was quick to direct us to get beautiful shots. All in all, it was a wonderful experience that Justin and I remember fondly!”

Gown and suit: Silhouette The Atelier in Singapore /Justin’s shirt: Mark’s and Spencer / Bride’s shoes: Stevenson Factory in China / Groom’s shoes: Aldo / Shoe clips: Gemma Roses / Flower Hair Comb: Miss Hana Floral Design / Earrings: Lovisa.


Urban Chic Wedding Inspiration Shoot

The Urbane Restaurant gives us this lush shoot an edge of urban chic elegance that we just LOVE! Foreva Events came up with the unique theme “Electric Lemon”, which inspired everything from the gorgeous neon “Love” sign to the stunning geometric chandeliers. This shoot is simple and sweet with a number of fun details and you’ll just have to scroll down to see!

urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-4 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-5urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-6 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-7
urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-10 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-11 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-12
urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-15 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-16 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-19 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-20 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-21 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-22 urban-chic-electric-lemon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-forevaevents-simplypeachy-23

Eva of Foreva Events shares, “This shoot was based at The Urbane Restaurant right in the heart of Brisbane starting us off with some Urban Chic elegance. Once we came up with the “Electric Lemon” theme we had The Butterfly Lounge put together some gorgeous lemon florals, then we worked in the electricity element using Styled Events gorgeous light bulb vases and then with the help and hard work of AVIdeas, they put together a gorgeous glow with their light-up “Love” sign and “XOXO” lights, as well as using all of Styled Events candles throughout the venue. Then we included a geometric element with AVIdeas Geometric chandeliers and Hansel & Gretel’s Lemon Geometric cake, contrasting nicely with Urban Weddings Stationery. With the hard work of all of the vendors involved it really turned out to be a gorgeous shoot.”

Wedding Planner: Foreva Events / Photography: Florido Weddings / Stylist: Styled Events / Chandeliers, “Love” & “XOXO” Signs & Lighting: AVIdeas / Cake: Hansel & Gretel / Stationery: Urban Weddings Stationery / Venue: The Urbane Restaurant



Tom + Ellanor’s DIY Tasmania Wedding from Adam Gibson

There’s nothing we love more than a wedding filled with DIY, but we certainly don’t expect the bride and groom to do all the work themselves the way Tom and Ellanor did! This fun loving couple made it their goal to throw a fun and relaxed party that everyone could enjoy and that’s exactly what they did. From beginning to end, Tom and Ellanor worked together designing their own invitations and creating quirky DIY signs! Looking through Adam Gibson’s photos was like being in a fairytale thanks to the surrounding natural beauty and a lovely surprise that you’ll just have to scroll down to see.


Bride, Ellanor shares, “It was my birthday, and I knew Tom was taking me on a picnic (which luckily for me isn’t out of the ordinary). We went to Tieve Tara Gardens in Mount Macedon. The garden owner directed us to a beautiful secluded part of the gardens near the lake. We were enjoying our picnic when four people dressed in red came out of the bushes, I was pretty confused when they stopped right in front of us and pulled out instruments! They were a string quartet and Tom had organized with them to play our song – Beloved One by Ben Harper. I nearly died! Then he just popped the question (between tears from both go us). We then asked the quartet to play the song again so we could actually listen and enjoy them.”

DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-6 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-7

“I had seen the dress in a magazine and it was the first one I tried on. My mum and the shop assistant both cried! I did go and try on a few more but my dress was so comfortable and easy to wear. I could dance, eat, walk and have fun without worrying about the dress.”

DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-8 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-9 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-10
DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-13 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-14 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-15 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-18 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-20

“Tom designed and had my engagement ring made overseas. The diamond is from Belgium and the ring was also made overseas.”

DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-21 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-22 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-23

“We already considered ourselves very committed to each other, we got married so we had an opportunity to say how much we loved each other in front of all our friends and family. To be married makes us a family, we feel as though it separates us from our respective families we grew up with and made us our own unit. It means we are officially stuck together now, and we couldn’t be happier about it!”

DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-24 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-26 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-27 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-28 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-29

“We wanted a simple, elegant, rustic feel - but not country. We wanted to appreciate the natural beauty of the property and gardens. I went for mainly whites and natural colours and the boys blue suits were the only colour in the bridal party. It complemented the greens in the garden and the timber in the barn beautifully.”

DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-31 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-33 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-34 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-35 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-36 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-37 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-38 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-39 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-43

“We ran down the hill and climbed the fence into the field next door (very attractive in a wedding dress!). While we were having some photos three huge horses walked over to us and started nuzzling into us. It was a surreal and magical moment that set the tone for the rest of the night.”

DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-44 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-50 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-51 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-52 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-53 DIY-tasmania-wedding-adamgibson-photography-simplypeachy-55

“Dont stress! No-one will notice the little details that don’t go to plan. Try to be super organised, we were organised weeks in advance and it meant we had time to enjoy the week leading up to the wedding. We spent one afternoon at a winery with some friends that had flown in and lots and lots of time with our families. Remember what the day is about, after all, the beginning of your marriage, not just holding a wedding!”

Photography: Adam Gibson / Cinematographer: Hayden Moore (friend) / Stationery and DIY: Bride and Groom / Bridal Gown: Rachel Gilbert / Bride’s Shoes: Sassi Shoes Burnie / Jewelry and Accessories: Mother’s earrings and grandmother’s Glomesh bag / Hair and Make Up: Hair by Angela Robson and Make Up by Kelly Hamill (friends) / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: South District / Bridesmaids’ Earrings: Bibi Designs / Groom and Groomsmen Suits: Peter Jackson / Groom’s Shoes: Country Road / Bow Ties and Ties: B.Ties / Rings: Claudia Jewellers / Flowers: Taugusto / Venue: ValleyField, New Norfolk / Decoration and Stationery: By the couple / Catering: TacoTaco / Cake: Green Pear Cafe / Cake Topper: Cocoon / Celebrant: Simone Taylor / Music: Baker Boys Band

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Country Meets Bohemian Wedding Inspiration from Vanessa Repupilli

The second we laid our eyes on Vanessa Repupilli’s images, we fell in love. We are in absolute awe of the way the model’s auburn hair catches the light and the surrounding Marche Region countryside. The combination of country and bohemian with a touch of vintage may be our new favorite theme! Lucky for you all, we have the entirety of this romantic shoot below.

country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-1 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-2 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-3 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-4 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-5 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-6 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-7 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-8 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-9 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-10 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-11 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-12 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-13 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-14 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-15 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-16 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-17 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-18 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-19 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-20 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-21 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-22 country-bohemian-vintage-inspiration-shoot-vanessa-repupilli-simplypeachy-23

Model: Silvia Gesuelli / Photographer: Vanessa Repupilli / Stylist: Roxy Rose / Floral Designer: Paola Diomedi / Set Designer: Laura Perini / Make Up: Roxy Rose / Venue: Tre Querce.