One Year Garden Vow Renewal

Vow renewals are just about the most sweetest and most romantic, don’t you think peachies? Don’t get me wrong. I love weddings and all the pretty details that come with but the thought of re-commiting your love to the person who has stood by your side everyday really gets my heart pumping – and that’s exactly what today’s special intimate vow renewal does. The lovely Kate of Kate Caddle Makeup Hair and Beauty surprised her husband Mike with this vow renewal on their anniversary and totally puts my anniversary gift to the hubby to shame. Styled to perfection by Sunshine and Confetti with sweet details that represent the Gold Coast home they share with one another, Kate and Mike’s vow renewal is the perfect reminder of what really matters – their story and their love for one another. Oh and I absolutely adore Kate’s lace cocktail dress which was also what she wore on her wedding day! It’s special details like this that make my heart flutter like crazy. It’s a good thing Kylie Maree Photography was there to capture this special day in all its glory.


Kate shares, “Our first year of marriage encountered more up’s and downs than we could have imagined, but we made it through as a team and have come out stronger with just one year under our belt! After all of the hurdles, I decided it would be really special to renew our promises to each other, which now stand with a different meaning a year into our beautiful marriage. I have always said that with all of the hardship we all face in our lives, the beautiful occasions should be celebrated! With this in mind, I surprised my husband with a Vow Renewal.”

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“I started the day by giving him a little note that said ‘Mike, I’ve been planning something special for our anniversary. I’ve left you out some clothes, so please get all dressed up and meet me at the end of Sapphire Street at 10:30am’. At the end of the street is a beautiful park by the water just near our house, that we often ride our bikes to. With the help of our beautiful stylist Lauren from Sunshine & Confetti, we created a gorgeous little set up with a tropical gold theme, representative of our Gold Coast home, under some of the trees. I had been planning it for some time, and working with our celebrant to write a short personal ceremony.”

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“It was a very intimate affair, with only Michael, myself, our celebrant and photographer present. It was solely about Michael and I renewing our promises, we also had a moment to say something at lib, and thank each other for our first year as husband and wife. I was so shocked at how emotional I was, but there was something beautiful about stopping and acknowledging just how special Michael is to me!”

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“We followed our ceremony with some delicious cake, and the fun part…. A pinata in the park! Then the two of us went to lunch. It was a magical morning that both Michael and I will treasure forever! Lets hope we can continue our tradition!”


“On a side note, my wedding dress on our wedding day, was a lace cocktail dress with a full length tulle skirt. For the renewal I wore the same cocktail dress, with a shorter more ‘fun’ skirt. All were from the most beautiful store, The Babushka Ballerina. I also asked Lauren to re-use the handing love hearts that covered the dance floor on our wedding day. They were hand cut out (all 2000 of them) by my mum and I and created a magical lovers wonderland. Lauren decorated a tree with them, and it was really special to acknowledge that part of our day!”


Dress: Babushka Ballerina / Hair & Makeup – Kate Caddle / Pinata: Party Pony / Cake: Brown Bettys Bakery / Photographer: Kylie Maree Photography / Styling and Stationary: Sunshine and Confetti / Flowers: Flower Land.

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