Ocean Inspired Wedding Invitation Suite by A Little Love Story

Happy Monday everyone! We’re starting the week with an absolutely gorgeous wedding invitation suite from A Little Love Story. A Little Love Story specialises in wedding stationery and all the bits of design in between and I just all the paper goodness designed by them. Why? Well, Glory of A Little Love Story draws inspiration from each of her couples’ unique story to create gorgeous invitations suites that tell their little love story. Each set has a story that’s personal to the couple and it really doesn’t get sweeter than that.

Glory worked closely with David and Natalie to create a stunning invitation inspired by the ocean and their seaside engagement that mixes beautiful watercolours together in light tones of blue, purple, pink and cream. Seashells featured throughout the set as a tribute to all the seashells they collected on the day they got engaged. It’s such a pretty suite don’t you think?

From Glory, David pulled all the excuses he needed and took Natalie to Palawan! With a weekend getaway treat and trip in mind, Natalie took all the time she wanted to slowly stroll down the beach and with the gentle waves and lovely breeze, it was a perfect afternoon. They walked along slowly and picked up all these lovely seashells, which David kept for Natalie in his pocket. After a long stroll and lots more seashell collecting, they moved on to a romantic bbq dinner. Dessert came along and David couldn’t wait any longer. With the perfect song playing, David dug into his pants which was full of sand and seashells, dug out the ring and got down on one knee and popped the question.”

I love these registry envelopes which the hubby and I also had in our wedding invitations. They are a great way to ask guests for money!

All images from A Little Love Story.