Nicola & Robbie’s Heartwarming Sydney Wedding

If the thought of rain on your wedding day makes you squirm, take note – because Nicola and Robbie did not let the pouring rain get in the way of their big day and it’s all the more beautiful because of that. This adorable couple were hoping for sunshine on their big day when they planned for a lovely outdoor wedding at Manly Wine, but when the rainstorms rolled in, they rolled right with it and brought their wedding, styled by the bride herself indoors, and celebrated their marriage with love and laughter and it’s amazing. They say rain on your wedding day is lucky but no-one tells you it also creates the cosiest and most intimate of atmospheres, perfect for those special nuptials. Fiona and Bobby Photography beautifully captured the day in all its glory and it’s amazing.

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Bobby from Fiona and Bobby Photography shares, “This day was a great day.  It was also a very wet day. And by wet, we don’t mean a little drizzle here and there. It was the kind of day that wanted to batter the coast in rain and hurl gale force winds as a topping on the cake.  The greatest thing about the day though was how Nicola and Robbie didn’t care about any of that.  With permanent smiles on their faces and giggles that bounced off the walls, they had nothing but a mountain of joy nestled within their hearts, and not one thing was going to make that fizzle out. Even when they had to make the decision to change their outdoor ceremony location and bring it indoors, there was still nothing but happiness between the two of them. The flowers filled the room of Manly Wine with the sweetest scent of pollen and brought an intense vibrancy to not only the room itself, but a little magic beneath the skin of each person in that room that was present to watch these two wonderful souls wed. We loved how they prepared for the day in the same house but on two different levels. If that’s not suspense, I don’t know what is. They kept the element of surprise until the very moment they saw each other for the first time at the ceremony. It made the dodging and secret room jumping throughout the greater part of the day, all the more thrilling. Bring adventure into your day, keep with you a child like curiosity in your heart and laugh at anything and everything. Nicola + Robbie were carefree and filled with a love that each and every person could feel on that day.  Congratulations again you two.  We still laugh at so many moments from your day. The love you two had, not only for one another but for your friends and family is infectious and uplifting.”

Photography: Fiona and Bobby Photography / Venue: Manly Wine / Flowers: Bonfleur Florist / Cake: Baked / Dress: Shopbop / Bridesmaids dresses: Cue / Robbie and Groomsman suits: Jack London / Rings: Chilton’s Antiques / Hair: Oscar Salon Paddington / Make-up: Vic Anderson.