Nancy Leung Couture Bridal Gowns

Hi peachies! How’s the hunt for your wedding gown coming along? If you’re still looking, might I interest you in a gown from Nancy Leung Couture‘s Generations Collection? Nancy’s fascination for haute couture started at the young age of 6 when she first got her hands on a glossy fashion magazine and only grew stronger after she got her first barbie doll! It is by following this love of hers that Nancy is now living the dream after launching her line of gowns just 10 months ago in Melbourne. High five Nancy! I love it when people follow their passion and get to love what they do on a daily basis! Nancy believes that every girl no matter what age, background or social circle deserves to experience the pleasure of having a couture gown made for her on her special day and I couldn’t agree more.

Inspired by her fiancées nieces, each gown in the Generations collection was designed with the spirit and personalities of each niece – all twelve of them! Isn’t that just so special?

Photos by Nancy Leung Couture.