Moreton Bay Wedding with DIY Charm by Byron Loves Fawn Photography

Peachies, I think you might just swoon when you see this beautiful wedding captured flawlessly by Byron Loves Fawn Photography. It’s simple, it’s beyond charming, it’s super sweet and to top it all off, it’s full of vintage DIY style. The Bride and her family members put together basically all of the details on their own making the gorgeous day a true labour of love. Sometimes we’re so preoccupied by all the glitz and glamour that are weddings, we forget that often simplicity makes for the most charming and memorable weddings. I could go on forever about this wedding and list out all that I love about it but I think I’ll just let the bride and beautiful photographs speak for themselves.

From the Bride, Davina: “Jake and I didn’t really “meet” the first time we met. We may have exchanged pleasantries but that’s about it. It was a dinner at my sister’s house and in my memory, he was returning a lot of plastic food containers, was wearing thongs with jeans and then fell asleep in front of everyone. But then the first time we actually conversed was when my sister brought him to a family birthday party and he was oblivious to the set up, was looking rather cute and was just happy to meet some new people!

“With the proposal, unfortunately I foiled young Jake’s plan of putting my engagement ring in a Bower Bird’s nest during a bushwalk, by not wanting to return to the bushwalk on account of me having already had a shower and wearing the wrong shoes. But at the retreat we were staying at, there was a tree top walk with ledges perched high in the trees for people to survey the surroundings. We sat in silence for a little while and then he shared his heart and love and put the ring on my finger. And then I cried a little bit and said yes. A couple of minutes later, a noisy middle aged American tourist came along and asked to come up onto the ledge and soon engaged us in a chat about Bower Birds and their physical features.”

“My sister and I randomly met Gloria when we were looking for her wedding gown and instead of altering a dress my sister had her eye on, she offered to make her a vintage one from scratch and when my time came, she kindly offered to do mine too! She was pretty amazing and needed little guidance to custom make me a piece of heaven.”

“My favourite moment of the day was the ceremony. That sacred moment when you forget everyone is watching and commit your life to the man you love.

“The inspiration for our wedding was The op shop! Vintage and handmade with lots of love.”

“I spent a grand total of about $10 on flowers somehow! I didn’t feel the need to pre-order any flowers seeing as I was surrounded by creative friends and family so the night before the wedding, we went to the local supermarket and seeing as it was Mother’s day weekend, they were trying to offload all the day’s flowers and had marked every bunch down to $1 each!!!! So we bought bunches of beautiful carnations and miscellaneous other wild flowers and my friend and cousin fashioned them into beautiful bouquets and lapels and table decorations.”

“I scoured our local op shops for vintage crockery and cutlery and chairs, suitcases, birdcages, vases, wine glasses, lamps. We also hand made bunting- many many metres of bunting! The reception was in my parent’s front yard and we handmade all the napkins, the tables, the bar, the stage, or rather my brothers/cousins and father did! We made nearly 200 macarons in rose, vanilla and lemon flavour. We even did all the catering ourselves with home made dips, kebabs, Mediterranean couscous, chocolate tarts, coconut and lime syrup cakes, sticky date puddings. I even managed to make the wedding cake which was essentially a tall tower of strawberries and pomegranates upon a vanilla and lemon cake.”

Photography: Byron Loves Fawn Photography / Videography: Chris and Kris / Florist: Bride / Stationery: Bride / Celebrant: Ps Dave Ware / Ceremony Venue: Woody Point Memorial Hall / Reception Venue: The Tudor House (The Bride’s parents’ front yard) / Dress Designer: Bride (but with lots of help by Gloria) / Shoes: Second hand peep toes / Cake: Bride / Make up: Bek Webber / Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS Marketplace / Groom and Groomsmen Attire: ASOS.