Matching Your Hairstyle to Your Veil by BHLDN

Peachies, boy do I have a treat for you today! BHLDN’s styling team of Angela, Sara and Taryn is here to offer expert tips on coordinating your wedding day hairstyle and headpiece to ensure you look oh-so amazing!


Veil Style: Long & Dramatic

Longer veils, elbow length or longer, work well with up-dos or when hair is long and loose. Long veils look best when placed at the crown where it creates a pretty A-line from the head to the floor. Long, loose curls or a low twist allow for room to place your veil higher on your head.

An updo paired with the Lighter Than Air Veil by BHLDN.

An updo paired with the Curving Periphery Veil (left) and Buoyant Blooms Veil (right) both by BHLDN.

Veil Style: Fingertip

Fingertip veils are versatile and easy to wear. Since they are a little less formal and more playful, they work especially well with a fun updo. Try a flirty top knot or romantic crown of braids. Placement of a fingertip veil works either above or below your updo.  If you do choose to wear your hair down or half-up, be sure to choose a veil that is longer than your hair. 

Scalloped Fingertip Veil placed above a top knot bun (left) and Seaspray Veil place below a top knot bun (right) both by BHLDN.

A crown of braids paired with the Cirque Veil by BHLDN.

Veil Style: Blusher, Birdcage or Bibi

To play up the vintage feel of a blusher, wear long hair pulled back in a sleek chignon with a deep side part. If hair is medium length or short, wear down with sculpted waves. To modernize this retro-inspired veil, try a textured, unstructured updo.

Chignon with Side Part paired with the Line-of-Sight Bandeau (right) and a textured updo paired with the Cloud Mist Bibi by BHLDN.

Sculpted Waves paired with the Two-of-a-Kind Blusher by BHLDN.

Veil Style: Headband or Halo

A jeweled halo or floral embellished headband looks effortless and ethereal when hair is worn down with some volume and texture; style with windswept waves and add a twist or braid at the hairline to frame your headpiece and help keep it in place.  

Portici Halo (left) and Filigree Halo (right) both by BHLDN.

Veil Style: No Veil

If veils and halos aren’t your style, why not add a jeweled hairpin or clip? Whether you sweep your hair up in classic bun or a more intricate woven style, or wear it down, a touch of sparkle will elevate your style from everyday to extra-special.

Classic Bun with the Nicobar Hairpin (left) and a braided updo with the Quince Blossom Hairpins (right) by BHLDN.

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect wedding veil or wedding hair clip, check out BHLDN’s gorgeous selection of headpieces, from simple and classic to romantic and vintage-inspired, to complete your wedding look.