Macaron Wedding Ideas

Put your hands up if you love macarons. If you could see me right now you’d see a crazy woman jumping up and down waving both her arms. Yes, I heart macarons. I love those deliciously chewy French treats filled with a creamy ganache. I love them so much that it was only fitting I spend some time refining my own macaron making skills and what better place than at Baroque in Sydney. Oh boy was it good. Mmm, I think I just drooled a little.

So I spent my Sunday at Baroque slaving over almonds, sugar and egg whites to make dark chocolate and salted caramel macarons. Yums… and it got me dreaming about macaron wedding ideas – all the ways you could incorporate these light and fluffy treats into your wedding. If you’re looking for a gorgeous yet unique alternative to the traditional wedding cake or a delicious bonbonnierre treat for your guests or even just another yummy addition to your dessert table, then consider macarons. They can come in practically any colour to match your wedding palette and can be filled with a variety of heavenly fillings to suit your taste buds. So, why not serve a macaron wedding cake, or macaron pops, or macaron cupcakes or just the simple macaron at your wedding? Alternatively, box/wrap them up for a lovely wedding favour for your guests. Trust me, they won’t complain.

From left to right: Style Me Pretty / Martha Stewart / Alison Louise / Mercedes White / Cupcake Tower

Left to right: Sweet and Saucy via Blowout Party / Bakerella

I love the idea of a macaron bouquet!

Left to right: Tartelette / Raspberri Cupcakes

Okay this post is making me super hungry. Time to munch on my macarons! Toodles peachies!

  • Beautiful and unique wedding cakes. Love it! Thanks for sharing this to us. This adds more ideas. Also, it’s really mouth watering.

    • Simply Peachy

      Thanks Kristina! I’m totally craving macarons.

  • very nice ideas!! I too love the macaron bouquet idea! C-r-e-a-t-i-v-e :) I guess ‘making’ macarons is where most people really struggle – that’s where I find The Macaron Master
    http://www.TheMacaronMaster.com of immense help! Highly recommend it if you want to learn how to make nice macarons. :)

  • Ohh…. I will surely take a bunch of this macarons if I could attend a wedding with this as their menu….. So lovely and delicious looking…. This will surely make the wedding so lively… “at the table”….. 😉

    • Simply Peachy

      Thanks Madelyn! Macarons would be such a beautiful addition any wedding!

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