Luna Park Engagement Session from Nattnee Photography

I’ve seen a fair few cute engagements but Danielle and Richard’s darling engagement session at Sydney’s Luna Park may very well take the cake. I mean, when you ad a fun and fabulous theme park setting, a pretty pastel palette together with a beyond adorable duo with a sweet casual style, it really gets you smiling from ear to ear. Good thing Nattnee Photography was there to capture every little bit of cuteness! I seriously can’t stop smiling!

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From Nattnee Photography, “I can’t help but smile when I look at these photos. Danielle and Richard are just too cute for words and I’m loving the pastel colours of this shoot we did at and around Luna Park. I don’t usually play around with any kind of effects as I love clean and timeless images but I must say, this first shot with “special colours” is one of my favourites.”

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