Lemonade Stand Engagement Session by Origami Creatives

Give me an engagement filled with bright and cheery colors and I’ll be a happy blogger for days. This happy palette of yellow and grey against the beautiful natural Australian backdrop is enough to make me smile from ear to ear and don’t even get me started on the ridiculously adorable couple, their sweet lemonade stand and spot on popcorn throwing technique. Then to have the wonderful Origami Creatives behind the lens to capture all the cheeriness, what more do you need to put a smile on your face?

From Bride-to-be, Anna, “Every Saturday morning our parents sent us off to a place called Sydney Chinese School – and that’s where we met. We were in the same Year 3 class and we never spoke a word to each other until a few years later when my friend, who had a crush on Victor found his number from the teacher’s roll call and made me call him to find out if he ‘liked’ my friend. Unfortunately for her, that is how Victor and I started our friendship. Don’t worry though because that friend is still my best friend to date and will be our Maid of Honour for our wedding!”

“We wanted Origami Creatives to capture something that would show who we are as a couple – playful, fun and carefree. We immediately fell in love with the idea of having a lemonade stand sitting in the middle of a park full of trees and long weeds.”


“During our 8 year anniversary, Victor took me out on a lovely surprise dinner date and afterwards to the Sydney Centrepoint Tower for drinks. There he handed me a little photo book that he had made and in it was some of our memorable photos from the very beginning of our relationship to current date. At the very last page it was filled with tiny post-it notes and on the top left-hand corner was a message saying “Peel from here”. The post-it notes revealed a photo of us dressed in traditional Chinese Wedding outfits and the all-important question at the bottom, “Will you marry me?” It was such a sweet surprise!”

“We loved the giant yellow balloon! It’s such a simple prop but adds so much fun and colour to the whole photoshoot.”

Photography: Origami Creatives / Dress: Lover / Shoes: Charles and Keith / Hair & Make Up: Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry / Styling: Carina Brezeanu Stylist.

Thank you Anna and Origami Creatives for sharing your beautiful engagement session with us today! Can’t wait to the photos from your big day! Xx