Katie & Takeshi’s DIY wedding by Lucy Leonardi Photography

Today’s lovely couple, Katie and Takeshi are just too cute. So much so, that when I look at the gorgeous images by the always lovely Lucy of Lucy Leonardi Photography, I want to reach into my screen, pick them up and put them in my pocket. Filled with sweet little DIY details, their wedding day looked absolutely delightful. Everything from the programs, chalkboard backdrop, paper pom poms, doily place cards and floral centrepieces were handcrafted by the couple and I am in love with it all!

Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-01 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-02 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-03 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-04 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-05 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-06 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-07 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-08 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-09 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-010 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-011 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-012 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-012 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-014 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-015 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-016 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-017 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-018 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-019 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-020 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-021 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-022 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-023 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-024 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-025 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-026 Lucy-Leonardi-DIY-wedding-KT-027

From Lucy Leonardi Photography: “Katie and Takeshi were such a chill, down-to-earth and easy going couple. I thoroughly enjoyed and was delighted to be a part of their special day. Their love and passion for each other created such happiness to their loved ones that attended the wedding. Their team effort of all the beautiful wedding DIY details was also a testament that Katie and Takeshi are an awesome team!”