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Hello peachies! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while but I’ve been stuck downunder busy looking after my sick little peach who can’t fly just yet. So excuse me for being brief but am popping in quickly to introduce our lovely intern, Fiona who was lucky enough to attend a calligraphy workshop by Kalo Make Art and is here to tell you all about it! So without further ado, here it is!

I’m officially in love with my new found hobby, Calligraphy. I’ve always been fascinated with all the pretty lettering with curls and swirls, often wishing if only I could write like that. So when the opportunity came up to attend Kalo Make Art‘s calligraphy workshop I immediately jumped to the chance to sign up.

As a lover of old school letter writing, I was quite excited attending Kalo’s colour calligraphy workshop with anticipation of using my newly learnt calligraphy skills to write letters to my dear friends. The studio was just tucked away in a little laneway off Wyndham St in Central. Upon entering the studio I was greeted by Kalo’s friendly smile and my very own personalised calligraphy starter kit. It was very interesting to learn the class contained a range of students from accountants to designers or past clients.

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Kalo Make Art was created in 2011 when Kalo noticed a lack of bespoke wedding invitations and card service in Hong Kong. Kalo decided to start offering weekend calligraphy workshops when she was receiving frequent requests from clients and friends wanting to learn the art of calligraphy. You would too after viewing her artistic and talented designs incorporating modern calligraphy.

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We all eased into the fun and relaxing atmosphere of the class with a brief introduction about calligraphy. Kalo then showed us how to set up our pen and where to get our supplies. We were then left to play around with the pen and ink with no instruction to get use to writing with the pen and ink. Her passion and devotion to calligraphy is evidently seen with the spark in her eyes when she shares all the amazing things you can do with calligraphy and all activities you can be part of the in calligraphy community. As people say happiness is contagious, I was definitely inspired and affected by Kalo’s love and dedication of calligraphy.

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We got to see Kalo work her magic in action as she picked up her pen and she effortlessly demonstrated techniques and patterns to practice and how to get round particular tricky lettering. Eager to try all the new techniques being taught, we returned to our desks trying to recreate Kalo’s fancy lettering. As we were practicing, Kalo mingled with everyone spending one on one time with everyone, making sure no one gets left out. Before long my practice sheet was filled with patterns and letters, it was amazing what difference small adjustments makes. The final part of the class was mixing and learning tips and tricks for working with coloured ink along with some practice time.

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The studio’s atmosphere is very chillax, the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon along with a great opportunity to meet new friends if you ask me. As I left Kalo’s studio I walked out happy and feeling inspired as I couldn’t wait to practice all my newly acquired skills and put my beginner’s kit to good use by making my own Christmas cards and to start writing letters to my friends again. Whether you are looking at trying something new with friends or a budding bride wanting to add a personal touch on your wedding stationary, a few hours with Kalo is definitely an afternoon well spent!

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Kalo Make Art’s workshop has a good variety of classes in beginners to intermediate levels. You can create your own mini quotation poster, design your own monogram to flourish to perfection just to name a few…with so many choices it’s so hard to choose! If you are interested make sure you contact Kalo as soon as possible as classes fill up fast! You can view all the details for her upcoming classes and enrolment details here.

Be sure to also view Kalo’s beautiful designs on her website here.

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