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I’m sure pretty much all couples will at some stage or another wonder why they should spend money on a wedding videographer. My husband and I sure did. Our initial thought was that it would be weird watching ourselves on camera plus many of our friends who had invested in a wedding video told us they have never even watched their video! Notwithstanding that momentary second of doubt, having a videographer on our wedding day to capture all the special moments and everything in between, was by far one of the best decisions we made for our wedding – particularly when you have a team as talented Paper Cranes Production. Once we saw their videos, we were converted. Paper Cranes are just so amazingly awesome at what they do, I’m always blown away by each and every one of their videos. They are true storytellers and when it comes to your special day, isn’t that what we all want – to have your story told. When things happen, you want Paper Cranes to be there.

I am super excited to welcome Santo of Paper Cranes to join me today to share how they make stories unfold. Paper Cranes were the ones behind our awesome wedding video and not only are they the best at what they do, they’re also the friendliest, sweetest and funniest of people you’ll meet in the industry and I am so happy to have found a friend in each of them.

Q. Tell us a bit about Paper Cranes. What is the story behind Paper Cranes?

Paper Cranes is a boutique film & photography production house based in Sydney, Australia. We are a group of artists that are passionate in every aspect of storytelling. We believe that great stories deserve to be shared for it to inspire others and make the world a better place. We have unfolded stories from Australia and other countries around the world including USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Nothing is better than real stories and that is one of the many reasons why we love capturing wedding moments as they don’t need to be created or directed. They just happen.

Q. How do you feel videography has changed in the last few years?

Ever since Video DSLR cameras came out, the videography industry has experienced major breakthrough in terms of more people having the opportunity to express themselves in more creative possibilities. The images that can be achieved from these cameras are amazing and comparable to those cameras used in big movie productions at a much more affordable cost. This has allowed all of us cinematographers to improve our work dramatically and hence lifting the standard across the industry by providing better quality products and services to the couples. Not only that, the whole style of storytelling has also evolved a lot over the past few years resulting in people finding videography more and more irresistible to have on their wedding.

Q. What do you love about what wedding cinematography?

I just love the fact that we get to capture real moments, real laughter, real tears and real emotions on a wedding day. Usually you need to direct well-trained actors to cry when they are doing a scene of marrying someone else, but you definitely won’t need to do that on a wedding day. They just happen and they happen beautifully. I love the part of getting to know my couples and the whole family and friends that come with them. I love it when we stay friends and how our work can touch their heart so much that it changes their life and often times, many others who don’t even know them. I love what I do and I love pushing the boundaries and come up with something new each and every time.

Q. What do you find most challenging about wedding videography?

The unexpected things. Weddings are real events and there are unexpected things that can happen on the day such as rain, wind, hot weather, flat tire etc. You can never be too careful when planning a wedding shoot. Experience comes a long way handling these things and hence back-up plans go a long way.

Q. What sets you apart from other cinematographers in the industry?

I would say our style is rather different than most others but we like to let our couples see it for themselves through our work :)

Q. A lot of couples feel they don’t need to book a wedding cinematographer and see it as more of a luxury. Why do you think couples should book a cinematographer?

We often get people so touched by our wedding films – not only because of the beautiful images or touching speeches, but mainly because they never realised how their life story could be so beautiful – so much more than they could’ve ever imagined. This makes them so much more grateful and thankful for what they have, including the people around them. I’d say that is a pretty strong reason to get wedding videography because you never know how your story could be told – until you see it for yourself.

Q. What are five things couples should consider and look for when looking for a videographer?

1. The Work
You need to like the work in order for you to hire them, so make sure you see their samples online and see if you like them.

2. Personality
You need to like the personality of the people in the studio that you are hiring. These people represent the dynamic of the team that will work on your wedding.

3. Consistency
Don’t just look at one or two samples. Have a look at more samples including the other type of edits that you will get since many studios will only post their best works but that may not be a good benchmark to what you are going to get.

4. Chemistry
Make sure you have a great chemistry with them because it will go a long way.

5. Share
Don’t hesitate to share your life stories with them because if they are passionate about their work, chances are they will be interested to hear more about you and what you have to share about your life. We love it when we get to tell stories with extra beautiful details about the couple that mean a lot to them. It just gives us great self-satisfaction to know that we have created a personalised and unique story about you.

Q. Do you have any favourite wedding ideas?

Definitely gift exchange in the morning! I love this idea because I have witnessed many of them and each and every time they always managed to set the mood for the rest of the day. You just know its going to be a beautiful day after you see the bride or the groom with teary eyes reading the letters from each other.

Q. What is your ultimate piece of advice for couples?

Plan your wedding carefully and put every effort in making your dream wedding come true. Then on the day, enjoy it, enjoy it and enjoy every bit of it.

Q. What’s next for Paper Cranes?

At the moment we are growing our team to cater more to the increasing demand to our services both in Australia and overseas. We have also launched our photography service last year and cannot be happier with the experience so far. This August we just held our first storytelling workshop which we were very excited about. In the near future, we aim to be able to tell more stories via other medium, including commercial productions, feature films as well as personal projects that will change people’s life all around the world.

Thank you so much Santo for joining me on Simply Peachy today and even bigger thanks for capturing our wedding day so perfectly. Love you guys to bits! You can see more of Paper Cranes’ work and find out more about their services by visiting their website.