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Call me old fashioned, but I love receiving snail mail. I love that moment of opening up my mail to find a beautifully handwritten letter, note, card or better yet – a beautifully handcrafted wedding invitation that overflows with so many personalised details, you instantly know it’s going to be a fabulous celebration. I’m always blown away by the beauty and creativity of stationers and am left wondering how they came up with their ideas. So today I am honoured to have Melody Yee of Mr & Mrs with me today to share what inspires her to create those gorgeously delightful stationary sets that never ceases to take my breath away.

Q. Can you tell me a little something about yourself?

Let’s see. I won’t start by saying that I’m paper-obsessed, because really, I will teeter after anything that’s beautiful in graphics, fashion, art, packaging, wall colour trends. If it’s beautifully different, it’s got me. Also, I really like people who are polite in emails as well as in real life, unless they’re telling a dirty joke, which I absolutely love.

Q. How did your interest in designing stationery come about?

I started out in fashion, designing lots of prints and delicate things for a range of people from General Pants to Akira. I was illustrating and painting little artworks that would end up on fabric, but it wasn’t such a huge shift to move onto paper as that is where I’d always start with a new design.

Q. I just love your work. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Easy! My brides! I think they’re so pretty. I always want to stalk them after the wedding to see how their whole day went, I’m always dying to know! Of course, I could just ask them, but you know‚Ķ Facebook has lots of answers. Also every bride has such different ideas and personality to the last, that I’m never short of a new brief to be inspired by. I try and listen really carefully to how brides describe things, as that’s how ideas usually start! Of course blogs too! I’m one of those people that LOVE sitting through other people’s wedding (and holiday) photos, so when there are so many amazing blogs out there showcasing the most inspirational ones, how can you not feel inspired.

Q. What do you love about designing for one of the happiest occasions of someone’s life?

Remember when you were a kid (or up to now in my case) and the thrill of handing out your birthday invitations had you spilling over with excitement/anxiety? When a bride feels that same excitement posting out her wedding invitations, and I happened to have something to do with them, that’s exactly what I love most.

Q. What are your favourite wedding invitation ideas to date?

I saw a fantastic pop up wedding invitation once that made me want to try my hand at it! That requires some serious spatial thinking though, which means I’ll quietly be nudging my husband for help on that one.

Q. What do you recommend brides to start with when planning their wedding stationery?

A list of stationery items they absolutely, positively cannot do without. It’s usually the first time anyone’s encountered the need for personalised stationery, so no one really has a clue on how much anything costs! Best to get a price estimate for exactly what you want, and then add to it. Most people do it the other way around and then get disappointed having to cull things. A rough guest list would help too!

Q. What is your number one tip for couples wishing to keep costs down without sacrificing the end results?

The best way to spread a small stationery budget is to ask for your design to be digitally printed. Obviously the end result is a flat print, but with some lovely paper stock and a good piece of design, it can certainly stand out on its own. Another thing I sometimes suggest is to scrap the RSVP card! An email address and phone number are perfectly fine forms of rsvping.

Q. What bridal stationery trends do you see in the future?

More fun, more colour. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to shy away from a super formal, classic design to mark an occasion as important as your wedding day, but I think brides definitely want more of their personality in their stationery and are becoming more open to bolder designs.

Q. Are there any particular wedding stationery ettiquette that couples should be aware of?

A bride’s name always goes first!

Q. If couples could splurge on one thing in their stationary package, what would you recommend?

A seating plan – its not a huge splurge, but I think it definitely formalises an event and creates a bit of wow for when your guests enter your reception. Also relieves a friend of a potential duty when, let’s face it, they’d much rather be drinking champagne with everyone else :)

Q. What are your dreams for Mr & Mrs?

A little online shop! I would absolutely love to make that happen.

I couldn’t agree more with Melody that there is definitely a move towards personalising wedding stationary to show a bit more ‘you’ in the set. I just love a wedding invitation that reflects the couple!

Thank you for joining me today Melody and sharing your passion with Simply Peachy. To find out more about Mr & Mrs check out their website.

Melody is based in Malaysia but all her brides are from Australia. However, don’t fret Hong Kong brides – Melody’s process is the same for every bride and her lovely designs are open to brides everywhere. Besides, Malaysia is so close to Hong Kong, there is really no reason why Asia brides should stay away!

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  • Love the blog San! Clearly your calling :)