In the Mood for Love Inspiration by Hilary Chan Photography

Hilary of Hilary Chan Photography, along with a sweet and loved up couple and stylist C2Q Production, put together a photo shoot inspired by one of my favourite films ‘In the Mood for Love’. There are so many reasons why I adore this film. Aside from the amazing storytelling by Wong Kar Wai of themes involving love, betrayal, loss, loneliness and missed opportunities, set in 1962 Hong Kong, the film has this dream-like beauty. Maggie Cheung wears a succession of breathtakingly beautiful figure-hugging cheongsam dresses and Tony Leung, with his slicked hair and perfectly tailored suits looked as suave as ever. It’s by far one of the most gorgeous films in history.

When Hilary first sent me these photos, I was utterly blown away by the beauty of the couple, the styling, the lighting and ultimately, the images. I love the soft coloured images and understated elegance of the details. Simply beautiful.

Hilary says “I have always loved themed shoots. Working on hair, make up, wardrobe ideas are just so much fun! I love the movie “In the mood for love” and so I have always wanted to do a shoot inspired by the film. We did some research on vintage make up and hair and got C2Q’s production to do it and loved the result, especially the red lipstick!”

“We picked Sheung Wan in Hong Kong for photoshoot because there are so many places there that resemble Hong Kong in the 1960s.” 

“Searching for places for photographing is always fun! It can be boring if you photograph a couple in the same way, same pose, same outfits, same lighting set ups, same mood and same composition. How does that reflect a couple’s personalities and love?”

Don’t worry Hilary, this shoot was anything but boring! Thank you Hilary for sharing this gorgeously styled shoot that has inspired me to dust off that DVD for a lazy weekend treat!