How to Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony by Robyn Pattison

I spend so much time on Simply Peachy yapping away trying to convince you all to personalise your wedding so that it’s a true reflection of you and your partner. Well, today, the lovely Robyn Pattison (whom I totally adore), is also here to give all you peachies some tips on how to make your wedding your own – how to personalise your wedding ceremony. Robyn was the darling celebrant who married the hubby and I so I know she knows a thing or two about weddings.


Let’s just for a minute forget about the flowers and all the pretties – even the dress. I know it’s hard – isn’t the dress EVERYTHING?

Let’s think about the actual getting married bit. The bit that matters. The bit that counts – after all, you wouldn’t need a photographer or a videographer or bridesmaids, if you weren’t getting married.

So, if you can focus for a while on the reason for the whole day, let me ask you this. What would you like? Who are you really? Are you deeply traditional people or are you the more casual, fun-loving types? Are you looking for a more formal celebration or is a big party full of laughs more your thing?

So let’s start with personalising the ceremony – not just the reception, and let’s be honest – nobody really cares about the bonbonniere. It’s pretty, but it doesn’t change lives. It won’t move people.

What do you think you will remember from your wedding day in ten years time? I think it will be the words that were spoken, the promises you made to each other. So what will you say?

I suggest you approach the ceremony as a love letter to your own relationship. A moment in time that is yours alone. Invite your guests to be a part of something special. Let them in.

Not everyone writes their own vows – and you don’t have to. But you should think about them, at least. You don’t have to make traditional vows – but if it adds the romance to your day, go ahead. Don’t be afraid to have a giggle – especially if your sense of humour is what brings you together. The more your vows reflect your real relationship, the more romantic they will be.

You can share stories – the ones that help your guests relive your journey. The things that made you laugh along the way. The moments that stopped time and turned you into the couple – your favourite memories. You can include and mention the special people who make up your history. Your families. Your friends. They’ll love getting a mention.

The ceremony is the most important part of your whole day. Make it the star and the party has already begun.

Photos by I Love Wednesdays.

Thanks Robyn for being here today! Now peachies, hurry and go tweak that vanilla ceremony script you have and make it your own! Xx