How to make a Chic Christmas Garland

How are the Christmas preparations coming along peachies? Are your homes looking festive yet or are you still looking for the perfect bit of decor to really ring in the holiday season? If you are, I might have just the thing for you today! I’m excited to have Interflora here with me today to share a lovely Christmas DIY with you all! Keep reading to see how you can make your own super chic Christmas garland to add to your homey holiday decor!


Whether you are planning to decorate your home in a contemporary or traditional style this Christmas, a festive garland is always part of the decorator’s armoury.

And who can blame them? A natural garland adorned with fresh flowers is a wonderful way to spread some festive cheer and will look equally as fabulous whether positioned pride of place on a mantelpiece or used to spruce up a bannister.

You will need:

  • A foam garland
  • A selection of Christmas foliage including Spruce and Holy
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wax flower
  • White Chrysanthemum blooms
  • Hydrangea
  • Trachellum
  • White Avalanche roses
  • Vanda orchids
  • Dried lotus seed heads
  • Twigs
  • Scissors
  • Florist’s wire

Here’s how to make one in 10 easy steps:

(1) Before you begin measure the space you would like to display the finished design and cut the foam garland to size.

(2) Lay the flowers out in front of you, ready to use.


(3) Immerse the foam garland in water until completely soaked, then place on a protected work surface, ready to get started.

(4) Using a pair of sharp scissors cut off sprigs of spruce approximately 7 inches in length and insert into the foam at a slight angle. We recommend removing at least an inch of pine needles at the stem so that you can push the spruce easily into the foam.

TOP TIP: To reduce the cost of making your own Christmas decorations, why not use seasonal foliage from your own garden?

(5) Repeat with the holly and eucalyptus until the surface of the garland is well covered and there are no gaps where the foam is visible. Remember, you won’t need to cover the bottom of the garland as this won’t be visible when the design is in situ.

(6) Next, carefully move the garland to the place where you want to display it. It will be much easier to complete the design from here.

TOP TIP: If the garland is going to sit on a mantelpiece, it’s best to put down a layer of clear cellophane to protect the surface from any water spillages.

(7) With the garland in situ, cut the hydrangea stems and roses at an angle and insert into the foam. Ensure that you spread them evenly along the garland. 

TOP TIP: Try grouping clusters of two or three flowers together for visual impact.

(7) Next add the trachelium and wax flower in the same way. Follow with the chrysanthemum blooms.

(8) Once you are happy with the positioning of the flowers and foliage add the twigs. For a true country feel, insert them randomly into the design.

(9) To finish the garland add the Vanda orchids and dried lotus seed heads.


TOP TIP: Keep your garland looking fresh by regularly misting it with water. If kept in the right conditions the flowers and foliage should be long lasting, however you can always replace any as they get past their best.

Would rather leave it to the experts?

Interflora’s Designed to Order service is perfect for those that plan to colour coordinate their schemes this year and need bespoke arrangements to achieve a glorious look. Interflora’s expert florists can take your brief and create something truly unique, either for your home or as a gift, based on favourite flowers, colours or style and budget.

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