A Heart Warmining Hong Kong Wedding by Henry Fok Photography

Today marks seven long years since my hubby and I started dating and I couldn’t feel more in love, loved up or happier. We started dating via a long distance relationship (with him in Sydney and myself in Hong Kong), and against all odds, we made it to what we are now today – happily married and living in the same country code. Yay for us!

So I think today is the perfect day to share with you a very heart warming Hong Kong wedding with stunning photographs from Henry Fok Photography. People always say the older you get, the harder it is to find love, but if this beautiful wedding teaches you anything at all, it is that anything is possible. Darcel and Patrice met a couple of years ago “the modern way” – online. How cute is that? After a bit of a long distance relationship with Darcel in Hong Kong and Patrice in England (hurray for believing in long distance too!), Patrice finally joined Darcel in Hong Kong and the rest is history! They say love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope. That love can outlast anything. Darcel and Patrice’s story clearly shows that this is true and their love is the kind of love that I believe in. Their intimate wedding celebration in Hong Kong surrounded by 50 of their closest friends and family is one that you rarely see in Hong Kong so it’s absolutely refreshing and it truly warms my heart. I really hope you enjoy all the special moments so perfectly captured by Henry and Darcel’s beautiful recount of their wedding.

“After a lot of back and forth to England and here Patrice joined me here in Hong Kong and began a new career in teaching. I turned 60 Nov 24th and we married 2 days later – a fabulous way to celebrate the next stage of life! We were happy and wanted to keep the wedding low key with just friends and family, which was perfect.”

“My wedding outfit and the groom’s, the best man’s and the “best woman’s” were really special because they were my designs but that’s not what made them special though! Believe it or not, I purchase most of the material I in Shenzhen. Tommy Wong, the owner of Fletcher Jones Custom Tailor in Tsim Sha Tsui made every outfit. He is a wonderful friend and even attended our wedding! The time we all spent with Tommy was excellent – fitting after fitting and always a drink to help things along and a story to be told when we had to go for fittings. Tommy is part of the family now!”

“We had a flautist who was a friend of a friend and he was excellent. His music was excellent and fitted in perfectly with the panoramic view at sunset.

“We live in Hung Hom at the Metropolis Residence which is attached to the Metropolis Mall and Hotel so most of what we did came from there. We married in the roof garden of our building compliments of the management. They wanted to see what would happen with a wedding and see if they could capitalise on that and of course we weren’t complaining!

“The view from the rooftop was magical and the weather thankfully was perfect. It turned out to be that perfect moment in time.”

“The food was catered by another good friend, Carmen Ros who owns Bite Me. It was gourmet finger food and wine – again fabulous! We live on the 27th floor and the rooftop is on the 31st so Carmen and her crew set up in our kitchen and used the elevator a thousand times ferrying platters back and forth. Carmen even managed to change into her wedding clothes and attend the ceremony as well – good fun and lots of laughs and fabulous food and wine. She was and is truly a whizz.”

“The reception was only for 3 hours and then we went off to the Waterfront Bar in Hung Hom to carry on into the wee hours. We used candlelight for our lighting and we even found a heart-shaped stone to lay at out feet for the ceremony. Patrice’s son came from England to be our best man and my cousin flew in from Australia to give me away. Our Chinese friends thought the whole thing was great fun because after the ceremony while having drinks a few friends decided to play some great music on their guitars and royally serenade us… wow! Even both our bosses showed up to wish us well and that was special.”

Such musically talented friends!

Thank you Henry for sharing the stunning photos and Darcel for sharing your story with me! Congratulations again and wishing you and Patrice all the happiness in the world! Xx

Venue: Harbour Plaza Metropolis / Bride’s dress & Groom’s suit: Fletcher Jones Custom Tailor / Flowers: Metro Flowers / Hair & makeup: Bride / Catering: Bite Me / Civil Celebrant: Yip, Tse and Tang solicitors and Notaries

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