Wedding Handy Hints | Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Downpours, wardrobe malfunction, crazy windy hair, messy stain leaving eating – the list of potential wedding day disasters could go on forever.

In fact, on my wedding day, a guest stepped on my wedding dress and tore off half a layer of Chantilly lace. Luckily with my little sewing kit and the help of my fashion savy cousin, we fixed the small but potentially big mishap without any difficulties. So for those who had made fun of my overly organised emergency kit, it wasn’t so hilarious anymore.

No matter how intuitive we are, there is no way you can know exactly what will go wrong. So why not put together a comprehensive wedding day emergency kit to help ease your mind just in case something does go wrong. I took one of those giant roomy pencil case type bags and filled it with the following items:-

  1. Assorted clear band aids for those unexpected injuries;
  2. Hollywood tape / double sided clothing tape to avoid any Janet Jackson type wardrobe malfunctions;
  3. Small sewing kit – scissors, needles, thread (white + colours matching your bridesmaid dresses and groom/groomsmen attire), hooks + buttons;
  4. Assorted safety pins for those dress emergencies;
  5. Stain removing pen because there will always be someone who drops food on themselves;
  6. Q-tips + make up sponges which are great for touch ups;
  7. Oil blotting paper because no-one wants to see an oily bride;
  8. Spare make up – mascara, blush, powder, concealer, lipstick + lip gloss for touch ups;
  9. Spare fake eyelashes + glue as they do come off with those happy tears;
  10. Assorted bobby pins, small comb/brush + hair spray to tame those fly away strands;
  11. Small tube of moisturizer/hand cream – Lucas Papaw Ointment does wonders for dry skin and can also be used as lip balm;
  12. Normal + wet tissues;
  13. Assortment of Dr Scholl feet cushion products for blisters and added comfort during the long day;
  14. Hand sanitizer because you’ll be shaking a gazillion hands on the day;
  15. Mints, gum + mouthwash to stay fresh;
  16. Eye drops to soothe dry eyes;
  17. Spare contact lenses;
  18. Lint roller for the boys suits;
  19. Spare cufflinks for the groom;
  20. Medicines – include pain relievers, antacids, allergy medications and any prescription medication you require;
  21. Spare shoes – you will be thankful for these after a long day (I wore flip flops under my wedding dress at the reception and no one even noticed!);
  22. Manicure kit + tweezers;
  23. Itch relief cream for the unfortunate ones that mosquitoes love because an afternoon photo shoot in the gardens could result in that.

Before you start shopping for the above items, dig around your home as you’ve most likely got many of them and that can save you a bunch. For Hong Kong brides, Sasa is a fantastic place to pop in to to get all the above products at a super cheap price.

Whilst the above list might make you seem bridezilla-ish, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars on the day.

Now go and start digging and shopping!

  • Wow, great idea! I didn’t even think of this for my own wedding. One of my straps actually broke – luckily the car hire company had a sewing kit and my new and wonderful husband knew how to sew!

    Gosh I miss Sasa!

    Ronnie xo