Guest Post | What Makes a Good Setting for an Engagement Shoot by Darren Lebeuf Photography

Last week the lovely Darren from Darren LeBeuf Photography joined me in sharing 5 ways on how to stay relaxed for your engagement shoots and today he’s here again to share his tips on what makes a good setting for an engagement shoot.

When you are planning your engagement or pre-wedding shoot, one of the main considerations is the location. I like to think of the location as the canvas, which provides the colours, textures and backdrops for the photos I create. Your photographer will likely have some ideas for settings, but if you wish to start thinking about it on your own, here are 5 things I often look for:

Relatively private. When there is a lot of people around, it can be a bit uncomfortable for everyone involved, especially for people who might be nervous in the first place. This does not mean that it has to be a secluded place miles away from anyone else, but there should not be a constant flow of people walking by watching or getting in the way of the shots.

Quiet. I like my shoots to be relaxing without a lot of background noise, and I also want to be able to communicate effectively with the people I am photographing without having to yell over the sounds of traffic.

Space to move around. There should be plenty of room to move around (picture the opening scene of ‘The Sound of Music’). I find that the freedom of movement makes for more opportunities, and allows a certain sense of openness.

Interesting features. Perhaps there are some charming architectural elements, some unique colours, or some compelling natural characteristics. Although these features are not the subject of the photographs, they can add a lot of flare to the images.

Personal/Unique. There might be a great location that holds sentimental value to you, such as the place where your fiance proposed, or the area where you went on your first picnic. Even if you do not have a spot like this, or if it is not suitable, the engagement shoot in an opportunity to create a meaningful place – instead of going to all of the typical locations for shoots, I like to find new places that will be unique to each couple.

Whatever criteria you decide is important, at the end of the day, the location is merely an accessory; you are the real star of the show, and with a good photographer your personalities will shine through no matter where it takes place.

Photos by Darren LeBeuf Photography.

Darren is one of our peachy vendors so be sure to take a look at more of his work here.

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