Guest Post | Top Wedding Planning Tips from Bells N Whistles

Have you been pulling your hair out with the stresses of wedding planning peachies? Well, fret not as the lovely, Jennifer of Bells N Whistles Events is here today to fill in for me and share with you all the top 5 things you should know when planning your wedding – the things that noone tells you beforehand!

Top Planning tips…the things no one tells you…Shh, it’s a secret!

Today I’m here to share share with you some insights on the top 5 things couples should know when planning their own wedding.

5. A couture wedding gown doesn’t require you to wear an support…the cups are already built in – making the dress fit seamlessly. Don’t wear your lingerie on your wedding day, wear it on your wedding night!

We see a few brides who aren’t sure and who are too shy to ask. They end up wearing a bra under their gown…this makes the gown look awkward, ill-fitting and uncomfortable for the bride.

4. Never throw away your bridal bouquet! You could seriously hurt someone (most likely a female guest who it trying to catch it!). The difference between a throwaway bouquet and bridal bouquet is that the bridal bouquet is a lot bigger and structured – with wired flowers). You never throw this!

3. We do not negotiate to reduce your costs. We fine-tune quotes, we pass on our discounts but we never ask for further discounts. The reason is simple, when you get a supplier to charge less, they are often doing less. Instead we negotiate value-add. An extra vase of flowers or a free throw-away bouquet for example.

2. Once you meet with each supplier, it can take on average 1-3 weeks of fine-tuning to make sure you are getting everything you need in your quote. Don’t expect it to be as simple to have a perfect wedding and only meet with your suppliers once! If you want to bring down the costs of your suppliers (and they are high quality and reputable), they will advise how to bring down costs without ruining the quality of your wedding…for example. If your stationery costs are too high, ask the company what you can go without…they may suggest instead of printing in 2 colours, print in 1 and this may save you enough money to fit within your budget.

And our top tip…

1. It is so important to style first, then plan. Most people (and even some planners/stylists) will plan first, then style…this means you could hire a venue that doesn’t actually work with your styling. It will cost you so much more to re-style the venue to suit you, than it would to find a venue that suits your style.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my top tips and if you are looking to get married in beautiful Sydney, email us and we’ll take good care of everything, create the wedding of your dreams and make you feel like a star on your day.

Photos by Tealily Photography.