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Excitement-and-a-half today peachies! White Runway is on Simply Peachy today to share some tips and hints for shopping online for bridesmaid dresses. You might remember Rebecca from White Runway sharing her love for fashion with me here a while back, so it’s great to have White Runway back on the blog again today. With everyone jet setting around the world these days, it’s so hard to get all your girls together in one place to choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses, so many brides are opting for buying their bridesmaid dresses online. Plus, you can find such unique and pretty pieces for your girls online that also don’t break the bank, the Internet is the perfect pit stop for any kind of wedding retail therapy. But before you whip out the wallet and enter your credit card details, consider some of these helpful tips from White Runway first.


These days, people have become much too busy to be able to dedicate all their time to planning weddings. Busy brides (especially those who are working full time) are not physically able to get around to everything that they need to plan for their big day. This is why the rise of the internet has become such an important aspect of planning.

Everything can be done on the web these days, from booking venues to getting invitations designed and printed. And yes, even shopping for bridesmaid dresses online is possible. However there still are some risks to it – and here are our top tips for bridesmaid dresses online shopping so you can be a smart consumer!

Is the website reputable? This is certainly one of the most important things to look into when shopping online. Before even considering a supplier, you should look into their background–are they credible? See if they’ve had any press on them, or if they’ve been featured in magazines – if they have then they are most likely credible. Also check their contact details and online presence–if they are available and if their social media is regularly updated, then they are likely to be credible as well. If there are any red flags raised, look for another supplier. An established supplier will have a good reputation and a well-designed, secure website.

Is that really what you’re buying? Sometimes offshore websites or offshore manufacturers do not have actual pictures of the product you want to buy and instead they use images from other designers then simply replicate the product pictured. Many people have been fooled this way in the past – don’t let yourself be one of them.

You can always check this by seeing if they have many images of the product (back, front etc) or by asking them whether the pictures are actually of the product that is being sold. Always ask if the products in the picture are pictures of the actual product so you can avoid getting disappointed because you were expecting one thing and instead you get another.

Where are they from? One thing to look into is where the supplier is located. This will allow you to take into consideration shipping issues such as how long a package would take to get to you, or how much you would need to pay for shipping. In the end, it would also make it easy for you to make returns and exchanges (just in case).

What is their return policy? You may not like what you ordered or might not fit perfectly in it, which is why purchasing your dresses from a website that has a good return policy is important. It’s important to familiarise yourself with a company’s return policy – some may not offer refunds while some may restrict returns to a certain period of time. View White Runway’s returns policy here.

Do you know your size? A good website should have size charts so you can figure out what size dresses you should get. This can also minimize the risk of ending up with an ill-fitting garment. If you’re unsure, always ask a representative what they recommend as different designers have different sizing

Planning a wedding is an experience no woman should have to miss out on. Most women these days are working whilst planning their wedding and online shopping has really helped women to do their planning easily. As long as you are well informed and you shop smart, online shopping can really save you a lot of time and money. This is really helpful for brides who have bridesmaids scattered all around the world- online shopping makes it easier to share thoughts on styles and colours at the same time.

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