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Oh Lovely Day is one of the wedding blogs that I follow religiously. Full of fun wedding inspirations and easy DIYs, there’s a lot to get hooked on peachies! That’s why I’m so happy to have Chandra from Oh Lovely Day here today to guest post for me and share some of her tips to help you make your wedding day timeline.

Hi Simply Peachy readers, Chandra from Oh Lovely Day here. I’m happy to be guest posting while Sandra enjoys time with her new baby girl and thought I would share some tips to help you make your wedding day timeline.

Getting makeup and hair done by the Flawless Faces team | Jennifer Roper

There are a few questions you need to answer first:

1. How many girls will be getting their hair & makeup done by your hired team? You will need at least an hour per person on average, and two hours for the bride.

2. What is the distance from your “getting ready” location to your ceremony location?

3. What time does your ceremony start?

4. Are you doing a first look and portraits prior to the ceremony?

5. What time does your reception have to end?

Once you’ve got those questions answered, you can ask your hair & makeup artists how long they’ll need. Ask your photographer how much time you’ll need for photos prior to the ceremony. Estimate the time it takes to get to your ceremony location. Calculate it up and that should give you a good start time for the day.

jonathan and chandra portrait by jennifer roper

Some extra tips for wedding day scheduling:

6. Schedule yourself some “you” time. You want time to shower, have a cup of coffee, enjoy a mimosa – whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed.

7. Schedule extra time. Things will take longer than you think. Be sure to give yourself a little extra cushion time for each activity.

8. If you don’t have an event planner or day-of person (and you really should if at all possible) appoint someone to be your time keeper. It has to be someone’s job besides yours to keep things on track on your wedding day.

9. Write it down! You need to create a printed wedding day timeline to give to your planner/time keeper, each member of your bridal party, and your vendors.

10. Schedule quiet time for yourself and your groom somewhere in your day. Schedule time to eat. Schedule time to do anything else you want to make sure to do (photos at sunset, etc.)

sunset portraits by Jennifer Roper

There are tons of timeline schedule templates that you can find online, but I really think it is easiest to just type one up yourself that is tailored to your start/end times and includes all of your activities. That way you don’t forget anything because it isn’t on your template. Follow these tips and you’ll have a flawless and relaxing wedding day.

Photos by Jennifer Roper Photography.

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