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With Amy of Amy Chan Hair and Makeup Artistry holding the make up brush on your wedding day, you’re guaranteed to walk down the aisle looking absolutely stunning! Today Amy has brought her tips on how to choose make up colours that are right for you to perfect your look for the big day.

“What type of makeup suits me?” I get asked this question almost every time I see a new face in my makeup chair, and as a girl I’d ask the same question to my makeup artist, especially for the big day. So what suits and what doesn’t?

The most important thing you need to know about yourself is weather you have a warm undertone or a cool undertone. What does this mean? Your makeup artist should be able to identify this for you once you present her/him with your makeup free skin. If you have a slight yellowy tint in your skin, then most of the time you’re a warm based person, and if you have a bluey – white tint then you’ve got a cool undertone. And once you’ve established this, everything else will fall into place nicely!

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Foundation is the most important part of the whole makeup, as this can either make you look fresh, or dull, so getting the colors right by identifying whether you’re a warm or cool undertone is really important. I’m sure you’ve seen ladies with a grey looking complexion after makeup, this is because that person is most likely to have a warm undertone, but chose to use a warm (blue) undertone foundation, and hence the face looks grey and dull. And if someone looks a bit yellow compared to the rest of the body, again they person who sold her the foundation must have got the colors wrong! Remember to always walk out into natural daylight when you test foundation, never rely on the warm yellow lights in department stores as this can be misleading when choosing your colors.

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Colors wise, a rule of thumb is if you’ve got a warm undertone, always go for warm colors such as peaches, taupe, orange reds, warm chocolate, and for cool colors, pinks, purples, greys, greyish browns. If you’re not sure, ask the sales consultant at the makeup counter to show you a warm red and a cool red, you’ll be able to see the difference straight away.

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For the best result, have a similar color scheme for your whole makeup look if you want everything to compliment each other. Choose a warm salmon eyeshadow, chocolate eyeliner, team it up with a peach blush and warm coral lipstick, you’ll find everything will blend in nicely.

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