Guest Post | DIY Heart Garland + Free Printable from Stelloberry Designs

I love seeing pretty garlands at parties and weddings so I’m super excited that the lovely Stephanie from Stelloberry Designs is joining me today to share a simple heart garland free printable for you to use at your wedding or next celebration! Time to get crafty peachies!

I found myself getting really into DIY garlands last Christmas season as I decorated the studio and a work Christmas party. They’re a really pretty way to add some colour and fun to a blank wall and they’re so easy to make!

Why not considering adding a garland or two at your wedding? To get you started, I’ve got a sweet printable that you can download and put together to help decorate on your big day. Just follow the instructions below and enjoy the results!


  • Scissors, a craft knife
  • A4 cardstock
  • 3mm hole punch
  • Ribbon or twine

Step 1
Download our free printable garland hearts and print the file onto good quality cardstock. You can download a blank garland hearts here.

Step 2
Cut out the hearts, then use a 3mm hole punch to punch holes at the top of each heart where indicated.

Step 3
Use ribbon or twine to thread the hearts together and hey presto! You have a simple and sweet garland to hang at your wedding.

Get creative!

This little garland can be used anywhere – try hanging it on the chairs of the bride and groom, above the dessert table or on a tree branch near the wedding venue. I’ve included a second printable file that has just blank hearts – if you need to make your garland longer, just print and add blank hearts to either side of the garland until it’s long enough for your decorating needs!

Stelloberry Designs is one of our peachy vendors and you can check out more of her work here or her profile here.

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