Guest Post | DIY Chalkboards from Fox and Fallow

Fox and Fallow, with their delightfully whimsical stationery and chalkboards is a favourite of mine here at Simply Peachy, and Janet is stepping in today with a guest post I know you’ll love: a DIY chalkboard tutorial.
Chalkboards have become incredibly popular over the past few months and they add such a special touch to weddings and events. Today we’re going to show you how to DIY a Welcome Sign – one of our most popular chalkboards.

You will need:

Circular Saw, Sander, Mitre Saw, Clamps, Chalkboard Paint, Roller, Chalk Pencil (or regular stick chalk), Pencil, Sharpener, Measuring Tape, Liquid Nails, Dust Mask, Safety Glasses, Clear Pine DAR for frame & a sheet of MDF Board. You can buy most of these items at your local hardware store and the chalk from a newsagent or art supplies store. We’ll be making a 530mm x 430mm board which is a nice and easy size to handle.

Step 1:

Measure out the size of the board on your MDF board – 530mm x 430mm. Mark it with your pencil.

Step 2:

Clamp the MDF board to your workbench (or table) using a straight edge (a piece of structural pine or any piece of off cut timber with a straight edge). This edge will act as a guide to give you a nice straight cut in step 4 and the clamps will keep everything steady when cutting.

Step 3:

Secure loose objects – especially dogs! They tend to bark like crazy around loud machinery and you really don’t want them getting between you and the saw.

Step 4:

Slice your board into shape using your circular saw. Be sure to allow a few extra millimetres to account for the thickness of the saw blade and remember to ride the saw against the straight edge for a perfect cut! For an extra sexy look, make sure you’re wearing your safety glasses and dust mask.

Step 5:

Once your board is cut to size, now its time to get your paint on! Using the roller apply two coats of chalkboard paint. Be careful not to paint right to the edge as we want to keep them clean and not have any paint splotches showing on the edge of the board once we apply the frame.

Step 6:

Let your board dry 24 hours between each coat.

Step 7:

Using your mitre saw cut the pine down to size creating 45° angles on either side. You’ll need 2 x 530mm pieces and 2 x 430mm pieces.

Step 8:

Apply Liquid Nails around the edges.

Step 9:

Adhere the pine frame and hold them in place for a few seconds. We like to use our clamps to hold them all together for a few hours while the Liquid Nails dries. Make sure you wipe off any excess Liquid Nails as you go with a damp cloth. If you get any marks on your frame you can lightly sand them away with your sander.

Step 10:

Artwork time! Once you’re frame edges have dried you can now start applying the chalk artwork. We like to create our artwork in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign first but you can work off a hand drawn sketch. Print out a copy of your artwork or sketch and use this as a guide.

Step 11:

We like to draw the outlines of our artwork first and then go back and fill it all in. We also like to use a chalk pencil as it allows for finer details.

Step 12:

Almost done! Shake or blow away any excess chalk dust.

Ta da!

There you go – you’re very own DIY chalkboard! We hope you had fun! However, if you’d rather leave it to the pros feel free to contact Fox & Fallow – we’d love to help! Like us on Facebook or send us an email here.

  • Hannah

    If you wanted to make sure the chalk didn’t smudge – how would you make it set permanently?