Guest Post | All About Engagement Sessions from Origami Creatives

I am a huge fan of the gorgeous engagement sessions captured by Origami Creatives so I’m thrilled to have David and Belle join me today in sharing what they love about engagement sessions as well as some tips on making the most of your engagement session.

It’s a thrilling experience to be engaged.

In our experience we believe it’s the most beautiful and under captured of all. It’s a time when emotions are heightened, when the eyes say so much, every gesture is out of tenderness and love. However it’s such a shame that most people are too busy planning their wedding and they miss out on this incredible time in their lives.

Don’t get us wrong, booking your wedding photographer should definitely be on your top agenda list – because you obviously want beautiful images of your special day, which would become tangible memories that you will have for the rest of your life. So wedding photography is an investment and should be viewed in this light.

Engagement photos though are optional, but no less important. Unlike wedding photos, which are designed to capture a set of rituals and vows, engagement photography has no boundaries. The possibilities are endless.

We have found that most wedding photographers (like us at Origami Creatives) will often include an engagement session in your wedding package, which is something we believe every couple should take advantage off. These sessions are a great way to not only practice in front of the camera but to get to know your photographer before your wedding day.

With a little effort, you can get some great pictures before you walk down the aisle. It’s a terrific opportunity for you to do something different and unique. The photographs will have the ‘wow’ factor and this is the perfect way to impress and enchant your guests right from the very start. Get them buzzing about your gorgeous photos now so they can anticipate the excitement of your wedding.

There is something truly infectious about romantic love. It lights us up. It makes us smile. We want to share it.

Here are some tips we believe all couples should consider for their engagement session:

(1) When? We suggest our couples have their engagement session in the early hours of the morning (sunrise) or in the late afternoon (sunset). This is when we find we get the nicest light, which will provide you with very soft and beautiful images.

(2) Where? This will totally depend on you however several factors need to be considered when choosing a location. Do you have permission to shoot at a particular location? Which direction is the sun rising/setting? What’s plan B if it rains? The list is endless. We ALWAYS suggest getting your photographer/stylist to visit and approve the location prior to shooting. Avoid taking the engagement photos at the same place as your wedding reception/ceremony.

(3) Attire? We tend to leave this entirely up to you, as you know what makes you most comfortable, but we do have a few suggestions: coordinate but don’t match! There’s nothing worst than a couple that is so desperate to avoid clashing, that they end up wearing the exact same thing. Don’t be afraid of a pop or two – we love combo colours! Add layers – the secret to a professionally styled wardrobe is layering! Your looks get a splice of depth and interest when you remember to layer up the ensemble.

(4) Accessories? Accessories are always the key to finishing off the look of an outfit!

(5) Props? Keep them personal. The main thing that makes our engagement sessions so personal, sweet and interesting is that our couples bring along their own stuff to add a bit of their own touch to the shoot.

(6) Budget? Seek advice from a stylist before dipping into your pocket. Budget for your engagement shoot so you can afford your ‘dream team’ of make up artist, hair stylist, styling consultant, props and photographer. Do what you can to make your engagement session perfect and don’t neglect to budget for it.

Our last tip is to simply have fun with your engagement shoot! That’s the final and most important tip we can give you. Make it fun. Make it exciting. Do something crazy if it makes you giggle and smile – and if it lights you up.

The biggest gift you can give to the world is to share your own romantic love story. Not tomorrow when you’re married but today while you’re still engaged. Capture it now so you’ll always remember this moment.

Just go for it.

x Dave and Belle