Guest Post | A Letter to the Groomsmen from Robyn Pattison

Robyn Pattison is my all time favourite celebrant! Not only because she married the hubby and I but because her ceremonies are always so personalised and she has this amazing ability to make walking down the aisle, whether you’re the bride, groom, groomsmen or bridesmaid easy peasy! Today, she’s here to share her tips to groomsmen on being there for their best bud on his big day…

Hello groomsmen,

Wow! You scrub up well! Guys always do look fantastic in a suit. I hope you feel as good as you look. But take those sunglasses off. Now. That’s better.

No, we really don’t have time for a quick beer before the ceremony, so put it away. Not near your feet. Away. And your iphone. Turn it to silent, and pass it to one of the guests to look after during the ceremony.

The groom is nervous. He’s really, really nervous. Do you really need to heckle him? Do you really need to tell him over and over again that his bride has changed her mind, that she’s not coming, that there is still time to change his mind?

Yes, I know it’s your right as his best mates to tease him. It’s how you show him that you love him. But enough is enough. Spare him. Even if he did it to you.

Ok, we’re ready to go. The music is about to start, so get into position. Stand quite close together. Like good friends, the kind who don’t mind if their shoulders touch. Not hugely touchy-feely, but closer than you would normally. The photographer will thank you for it. If you won’t stand close, you won’t fit into the photos.

That doesn’t mean we expect you to stand there like a robot. Be neat and tidy, but be comfortable. Remember to take your hands out of your pockets.

Now, pay attention, ring-bearer! That’s usually you, Best Man. So listen up.

Looking after the rings is a big responsibility. Don’t lose them. Don’t leave them lying around. I don’t care if you have been given two boxes. Put them into one box. (Have you ever tried to open a ring box whilst holding the other? Impossible) Don’t stand there like a butler, holding an open box the whole time.

Now when the celebrant – or the priest asks for the rings, I want you to take a step forward, and stand at about 45 degrees from the groom. Not in front of him – the photographer, and the guests want to see what is happening. Open the box carefully…

Ring boxes have a habit of snapping open, and if you aren’t careful, the rings will fly out, and land on the ground. Now hold them out for a few seconds, before turning the box towards the bride and groom. When there are no more rings in the box, take a step back to where you were. Easy.

Aah! The Kiss. Resist the urge to heckle. Please resist.

Time to head back down the aisle. Let the happy couple get to the end of the aisle. Now take a bridesmaid by the arm. Smile and put your head up and down you go.

Nearly done…. You can relax, soon. But if you are the Best Man or the MC and you are making a speech, please don’t hit the beers. Think of the bride. Remember that there are grandparents listening. Family friends. Parents. They don’t want to hear every sordid bit of dirt you can dish up. They don’t want to hear you slur your words, or watch while you stumble around. Not nice. Be friendly. Be fresh. Be G-Rated.

He’s your best mate. Be his.

Photos by I Love Wednesdays.

Robyn Pattison is one of our peachy vendors and you can contact her for all things ceremony related here at her profile or website here.

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