Groomsmen Week | Sincerely Cornelius Bowties

You may remember Bridesmaid Week on Simply Peachy back in July where I shared bridesmaid related bits and bobs like bridesmaid duties 101, the mismatched bridesmaids trend, how to shop online for bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid gift ideas. Well this week, I’m naming it Groomsmen Week here on Simply Peachy because it just doesn’t seem fair to always focus on the girls. The boys should get to have some fun with the wedding too right? So without further ado, let’s take a look at the super funky and utterly adorable handmade bowties from Sincerely Cornelius!

On my daily trawl for things to go gaga over on Etsy, I came across Sincerely Cornelius, a delightful little Aussie Etsy store that specialises in handmade bowties using gorgeous vintage fabrics. Perfect to dapper-fy any groom or groomsmen! Gone are the days of boring ties and bow ties because with Sincerely Cornelius bowties, your hubby-to-be and groomsmen will look anything but boring. Inspired by all things kitsch, bright florals and delicate lace, Sincerely Cornelius has a wonderful collection of bowties featuring vibrant prints ranging from pretty floral designs to funky geometric designs to sweet polkadot designs. There are so many fabrics to choose from, you can mix it up for each of your groomsmen! Forget mismatched bridesmaids, what about mismatched groomsmen? Sincerely Cornelius can even work with you to customise a bowtie. Best thing yet – if you’re bowtie challenged like my husband and I, Sincerely Cornelius’s bowties come fully adjustable so easy peasy for anyone.

As someone who was utterly stressed out when searching for a pretty peach bowtie for our little ring bearer, I am so excited about finding Sincerely Cornelius because never again will bowtie shopping be stressful.

(1) The Genevieve Bowtie / (2) The Flynn Bowtie / (3) The Watkins Bowtie / (4) The Cook Bowtie / (5) The Leo Bowtie / (6) The Woods Bowtie / (7) The Woods Pt 2 Bowtie / (8) The Basterfield Bowtie.

Renata, the creative brains behind Sincerely Cornelius tells me that “Sincerely Cornelius started from nothing but an idea driving home from work one day teamed with a crafty streak and vivid imagination! Driving home from my 9-5 office job one evening, I set myself a goal. I drove straight to the local craft store and picked up supplies. To this day, I have no idea why I chose to make bowties (of all things!); I guess it was because I felt that there weren’t a lot of options for boys (and girls!) looking for such neck wear to brighten up their outfits. It took me a few good hours to get my first bowtie finished but after showing a few of my friends, they encouraged me to think about starting up my own little store. With my stock and my boyfriend’s knack for photography, my store was up and running just one month after my idea was born and the rest is now history!”

Who would’ve thought that such a beautiful store blossomed out of an idea on the way home from work. Just peachy!

If you’re looking for a little something different, unique and totally cool with a touch of quirkiness for the boys, then take a peek at Sincerely Cornelius. I hope you find something you like because Simply Peachy readers will get 10% off all Sincerely Cornelius bowties for one month after the post by entering SIMPLYPEACHY at checkout at their Etsy store! Offer expires 10pm 12 December 2012 (AEST). Have fun shopping peachies and remember to show me what you picked!