Groomsmen Gifts

So your boys might not have to wake up at 5am for hair and make up like the girls do, but they still help you so much on the day. I mean, they’ve probably had to endure some crazy wasabi-eating task or had to run around in a not-so-attractive pink tutu during the Chinese opening door games and most likely do all the heavy lifting, if any, so a gift of thanks is only fitting. So today, I’m going to help you find that perfect manly groomsmen gift that your boys will love and can have a laugh over. I love the idea of getting your boys gifts that they’ll be able to use on your wedding day as well as for the years to come! Here are some of my picks.

Top row (left to right): I am loving this personalised bowtie flask by The Hair of the Dog which I just know your groomsmen will love. They can even keep it on them on the day in case they (or even you) need a bit of liquid courage throughout the day. Alternatively, a personalised money clip by With Love Heather would be a great way to ensure noone is carrying any bulky wallets that ruin the look of their outfit.

Middle row (left to right): Get your groomsmen a cool suspender and bowtie set from Bebecha which they can wear on the day for a cool yet casual look. Or if your groomsmen have a hint of girliness in them and spend way too long in the morning getting ready (like my hubby), perhaps a suave personalised leather shaving kit / toiletry bag by Felix Street Studio would be good!

Bottom row (left to right): How about a set of cool or personalised cufflinks? These ‘dude’ cufflinks by Micky Chase Jewelry are super fun. Not a fan of cufflinks? What about a personalised monogram tie pin by 2 Sisters Handcrafted? Either way, these gifts would be perfect to add to your groomsmen’s outfits and they’ll definitely make use of them afterwards too!

  • Oooh Sandra, I wish I had discovered this post back in September when I was looking for gifts for my husband-to-be and our groomsmen! I love the personalised toiletry bag… in fact, I might keep that in mind for my husband’s bday present!

    • Simply Peachy

      Thanks Tania! Oh you can definitely keep in mind some of these for future birthday pressies for the boys! My favourite is the leather toiletry bag too!

      • Most definitely!!

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